Adopt-A-Street - Yearling Rd

WYHS Alumni Association is participating in Whitehall's 'Adopt A Street' program.

December 2017 is the next Yearling Road Cleanup.  Alumni from the 1990's will be the volunteers. 

Contact Claire Wilson Cooper, 1993, or Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull if you want to volunteer.

We will clean Yearling Road between Broad Street & Main Street 6 times per year:  January, March, May, July, September & November.  Each WYHS Alumni Decade will clean Yearling Road once per year.  Safety vests, gloves, trash bags & 'Nifty Nabbers' (see photo) are provided.  Announcements of future dates will be on this website.  

Photos of all Clean-up is on the left column 'Alumni Photo Gallery'.