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•   Catherine Amos (1976)  2/22
•   Terry Charles Burris (1974)  2/21
•   Cindy Minchew (Purnell) (1968)  2/19
•   Sheila Riffle (1988)  2/18
•   Wayne Rhinehart (1968)  2/16
•   Debbie Moore (Cecutti) (1974)  2/13
•   Sherman Ware (Ware) (1998)  2/13
•   Benn Leggett (1969)  2/12
•   Martie Stapleton (Conley) (1972)  2/12
•   Janice Ross (Flaningan) (1968)  2/11
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Minimum donation is $5.00. It will go toward seats in the Patriots' Row. If you want your name on an armrest, donate $100.


Funds will be combined towards 1967-73 Alumni Theatre seats, $5 minimum donation. To purchase a seat & 2 lines to engrave on the armrest, donate $100. Check or CC accepted.


•   Angela Babcock (Doak) (1987)  2/22
•   Karen Morrow (Heineman) (1962)  2/22
•   Cheryl Brobst (Taylor) (1970)  2/23
•   Arnold Grimes (1971)  2/23
•   Lorna C. Griggs (Russell) (1988)  2/24
•   Jeffrey Holmes (1981)  2/24
•   Spencer Salyers (1983)  2/24
•   Sherry Mendes (Euman-Smith) (1973)  2/25
•   Erica Villars (2002)  2/25
•   Jodie Martin (Martin-Oiler) (1966)  2/26
•   Thomas McDonald (1976)  2/26
•   James Noice (1972)  2/27
•   Mary Sidner (Summers) (2013)  2/27
•   Joe Elwood (1968)  2/28
•   Jim Potts (1968)  3/1
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 8.9%

A:   1115   Joined
B:   11381   Not Joined

Welcome to Whitehall-Yearling High School's Alumni website!

Whitehall City Schools sponsors this website & it is administered by the Whitehall-Yearling Alumni Association (WYAA)This website is FREE.  No Ads, No Spam, No Cookies.  It's Private & Secure! was created in 2016 to become the 'Go-To' site for WYHS Alumni planning reunions, announcing WYHS Alumni events, posting photos, supporting fund raisers, updating memorials, etc.  It's NOT meant to replace nor compete with Whitehall Alumni Facebook sites.

To Join:  Click on Classmates Profile tab at the top of the home page.  Click your Class Year & then your name.  The minimum information you must give is your email address.  Directions to post photos is on the First Time Vistors tab.

Spread The Word:  Tell your classmates, siblings, children, neighbors & relatives who went to Whitehall City Schools!  If they didn't graduate from WYHS they are still welcome to join!  We loaded 13,000 WYHS Alumni names via copies of graduation programs.  If you don't see your name, contact website administrator, Joyce HildenbrandTurnbull Reynolds, 1969. 



WYAA & Whitehall Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring a Career Fair on Friday, February 23 @ WYHS 11-1pm.  

This Fair will allow students an opportunity to meet people from various companies that offer careers that only require non-college, professional certifications or 2-year college degrees.  Students will learn what skills, training or professional certifications are required to pursue careers.  Go to 'Whitehall City Schools' tab on left corner for more details.  5 Alumni are participating.


Scott Harrison, USA Ret., WYHS 1978 Is starting a WYHS Alumni Veterans Group.

See Left Column 'Ram Veterans' tab & Veterans' Survey.

* Theater Seat Fund Raiser Update *

To donate to Patriot's Row in the new theatre seats, go to the link on the right column.  The minimum donation is $5.  WYAA will pool all donations to purchase seats on 'Patriot's Row'.   If you donate $100, you can have a custom 2-line message on an armchair.  WYHS will contact you for your special armrest requests.  You'll receive an email receipt after your transaction is complete.

​You can also click on the link below & donate $100 for a theatre.

"This Seat's Taken" fund raiser has sold 347 seats.  As of February 1,  38 Alumni  have donated 122 seats.  WYAA donated one seat.  Six alumni have donated complete rows.  The Alumni Band group donated a complete row.  For more details go this link:

* Save these Reunion Dates *

Class of 1968 50th Reunion will be October 6, 2018 @ Villa Milano in Westerville.

More details will be available on the left column.


Class of 1973 45th Reunion will be July 14, 2018 @ The Point on Main.

​Look for more details on the left column.


Class of 1978 40th Reunion is in the planning stages.

Look for details on the left column.


Class of 1988 30th Reunion is being planned by the class officers.

Look for details on the left column.

 * WYHS Memories & Trivia *

We've created the Ram Memories & Triva link on the left column that features interesting/funny stories or trivia by Alumni while attending Whitehall Schools.  Since 1958 current events, societal, popular & cultural norms have influenced & provided different WYHS experiences. To submit your story click:  send your story to

Do you remember our Alma Mater & Fight Song? 

We sing thy praises, Dear Alma Mater
We stand by thee so strong
And forever true
Heaven guide and keep you
We shall never fail you
Dear, Whitehall-Yearling

Fight, Whitehall, Fight Win this battle, tonight!
Let's give three big cheers for the Great Black and White
Fight! Fight! Fight! Win fellows, win,
Onward, forward, tonight!
For our victory, Whitehall
We will Fight! Fight! Fight!