2023 Student Scholarships

* WYAA is giving 2, $1,000 Scholarships to WYHS Class of 2023 Graduates 

Who plan to attend a 2-year college, like Columbus State Community College, or a Trade School.  
To apply, click on this link on the WCS website.  Deadline is NOW Friday, April. 21, 5pm.  

Scholarships will be presented on Senior Night on Tusday, May 16 in the school auditoirum.  
Scholarship awardees must be present to receive the scholarships.  

WYAA thanks an anonymous 1975 alumnus for their generous donation!

* WYAA also offers scholarships to WYHS Alumni *

If you or you or you know an alumnus who is looking to change careers or start a career by attending a trade school or a community college, please contact Ed Kowalski: chefedkowalski@gmail.com