* Ramette Alumni continue their Homecoming Performance Tradition *

Ramette Alumni perform at every Homecoming game with the Ram Band.  They are truly impressive after graduating mamy years ago!  Enjoy their 2022 halfrtime performance!  Thanks to Lisette Alamo, 2010 for leading this group.



 2021 Ramettes' 60th Anniversary Program & Photo Posters over 6 Decades 

Welcome to the 
60th Anniversary of the
Whitehall-Yearling Ramettes
September & October 2021

The WYHS Ramettes were founded in the summer of 1960 by Linda Hunter & Sally Shade, WYHS Class of 1961.  Linda’s mother made their corduroy skirts. The berets & turtleneck sweaters were purchased from a catalog!  The band director didn’t allow them to march with the band their 1st year.  The next year, the reluctant band director decided to allow the Ramettes to perform routines with the marching band.

In their first decades, Ramettes marched in football games, pep rallies & parades. The 1977 Ramettes & the Ram Band marched in President Carter’s Inaugural Parade. 

In the 1980s, WYHS Ramettes transitioned from a drill team to include dance routines.  Since entering competitions in 1975, Ramettes have won 14 State Championships & 9 National Championships.  

21st Century Ramettes continue to perform in football games, pep rallies, parades, dance routines & enter competitions.  Today, the Ramettes’ Coaches are 2010 WYHS Alumni Mari & Maylinda Alamo, who were Ramettes from 2008-10 & Ramette Captains in 2010. 



1976, 1977, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991 & 1998


1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991 & 1999


~ 2021 Homecoming Court Presentation ~

Cindy Shipman Jacobson (66)

1965 Homecoming Queen & 1st WYHS Ramette Captain in 1965



Whitehall-Yearling Alumni Association (WYAA)

Student & Alumni Scholarships, Homecoming & Reunion Events, Graduation Awards & Career Fairs www.wyhsalumni.org



* Fran DeWitt Rausch (64-RIP)
Mother of Jennifer Mangas (93) 

*Alice Patrick Kiser (72)
Mother of Becky (96-RIP) & Kim Kiser (99)

*Sandra Quincel Farnlacher (74)
Mother of Daelann Farnlacher (09)

*Sherrie Lowery Stai (78)
Mother of Nicole Stai (08)



Jan (61) & Marsha(63) Green

Joretta(63) & Patti(64) Eader

Marsha(63) & Linda(69) Brantley

Vicki(63) Cindy(66) Dena(70) Shipman

Teddy(67) & Cricket(70) Sharp

Julie(67) & Nancy(74) Kramer

Robyn(69), Jan & Fran(72) Glass

Vicki Rauch(70) & Diane(74) Rauch 

Renee(71) & Jackie(73) Keaton

Linda(72) & Becky(77) Burns

Carol(72) & Connie(73) Rader

Denise(73) & Teresa(76) Hasson

Patrice(74) & Sharon(76) Fitzpatrick

Lynn(74) & Jackie(82) Meek

Teresa(75) & Lisa(76) Sagle

Amy(77) & Andrea(78) Ralston

Johanna Hale(78) & Jonni(80) Hale

Sherrie(78) & Rhonda(81) Lowery

Julie(79) & Cindy(80) Brown

Gabriella(80) & Luciano(82) Serraglio

Christy(84) & Carrie(88) Rebtoy

Merry(87) & Julie(97) Elk

Amber(88) & Camey(89) Castle

Tracy(88) & Kim(90) Baker

Paula Berry(88) & Nikki Gabaree(02)

Jennifer(89) Erica(91) Tiffany(94) Van Gumster

Christy(89) & Amy(95) Buenning

Tammy(90) & Malesa(93) Nutter

Monica(93) & Martha(95) Costa

Heather(93) & Robin(96) Fleming

Angela(99) & Abbey(02) Stertzer

Wendy(97) & Heather(00) Wilson

Maylinda(10) & Maritza(10) Alamo

Tiana(17) & Breana(18) Koulbout



At the VFW 6 decades of Ramettes were displayed on posters.  





WYHS Ramette Alumni were honored for their 60th Anniversary during the WYHS 2021 Homecoming Week, Sept. 29 & Oct. 1.

Before the Homecoming Parade. L-R Alice Patrick, Linda Hunter, Mary Veit, Amber Castle Holley, Amy Looney Munz, Linda Brantley, Diana Lippencott, Sandra Quincel Farnlacher.  

Ramettes from 5 decades were recognized at the Rams Homecoming Game

2021 Ramettes performing at Homecoming Halftime with the Ram & Alumni Band.



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$20 - Cash or Checks, payable to:  WYHS Alumni.

If you reserved a shirt for Homecoming & didn't receive it OR you want to buy a shirt, please contact Joyce Turnbull, via this website's messages, jnturnbull51@aol.com or text:  847-502-9052.  I'll let you know when the re-order is available.  Shirts can be shipped for $5.85.
Thanks to Bob Ochsendorf (70) for helping us get good prices & a quick delivery.


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WYHS original Ramettes from the 1961 Aires yearbook.