Veterans Survey

WYAA supports our Veterans & are pleased to report that Scott Harrison, 1978 is starting a

WYHS Veterans Alumni Group.

To get a better idea as to where our Veterans are living, what branch of the service, etc. please answer our survey questions. 

Thanks for your service to our country.  

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1)   * What Military Branch did you serve?

2)   * Please tell us your military status. Retired, Active, Reserve, National Guard

3)   * What was your Years of service: From year To year.

Example: 1969 - 1974
4)   What was your highest paygrade, MOS, Rate, etc.?

Example: E-4, O-2, CW-2
5)   What war did you engage?

  Vietnam War
  Cold War
  Desert Storm
  Operation Enduring Freedom
  Noble Eagle
  Global War on Terrorism

Please Check all you served in.
6)   Would you like to mentor students?

Yes No
7)   * Would you like to be included in the Veteran's Group (scholarships, charity, involvement in school activities)?

Yes No
8)   Please give us any feedback or comments below. Thanks for your time to fill out this survey.