WYAA (WYHS Alumni Assoc)


Whitehall-Yearling Alunni Association's (WYAA) HISTORY

In 2016 Nancy Keller, 1970, & Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969, saw the need to create a website that would be a central depository for WYHS alumni information, reunions, memorials, etc. So they created & launched www.wyhsalumni.org on January 30, 2016.

In 2017, they decided to establish an alumni association to provide opportunities to engage alumni classmates, give back to "Dear Whitehall-Yearling High" & support the WYHS administration, teachers & students.  Today, alumni volunteers from each decade are on the WYAA board along with a veterans' representative.  To expand our board, we're looking for alumni to represent varsity sports & performing arts.  As of October 2022, there are over 1900 alumni registered on our website out of over 200,000 WYHS alumni.  Did you know that Ram alumni live in all 50 states & 14 countries around the world?


WYAA'S Mission is to support WYHS Alumni, Veterans, Students & our Community.

SCHOLARSHIPS:  WYAA gives student scholarships to WYHS graduating seniors who plan to attend a community college or trade school.  WYAA also offers Alumni Scholarships.  Since 2018, 6 students but only 1 alumnus have received WYAA scholarships. 
WYAA partnered with the Whitehall Education Foundation (501.c.3) to administer our scholarships
- Questions?  Contact Ed Kowalski, 1982: chefkowalski@gmail.com.

HOMECOMINGS:  WYAA recently honored during the 2022 homecoming games WYHS All-Americans, All-State & State Champion athletes.  
- In 2021 WYAA honored the 60th Anniversary of the WYHS Ramettes.  
- In 2020, the undefeated Ram football teams of 1969 & 1984 were honored. 
- WYAA invites past Homecoming Queens to present & crown the new WYHS Homecoming Queen & King.  Karen Beery Porta, 1963, Cindy Shipman, 1966, Patty Lepper Trasin, 1970, & Terry Taxter, 1968, are the past WYHS Homecoming Queens who participated.  

GRADUATION:  In 2018 WYAA started a new tradition of presenting WYHS Ram Pride beverage glasses to graduating seniors during graduation.  As of 2022, WYAA has presented over 900 glasses.

SPORTS:  WYAA alumni receive student ticket prices @ Homecoming & Hall of Fame basketball games.

VETERANS:  Every Veteran who registers on this alumni website will receive the WYAA Veterans Sports Cards. These cards give veterans free admission to all WYHS home sports games & never expires.  Over 350 cards have been sent to our alumni veterans.  

CAREER FAIRS:  Since 2018, WYAA has sponsored, planned, coordinated & worked with WYHS guidance counselors, & Whitehall Chamber of Commerce.  This fair features local businesses that provide future careers without college degrees are the focus of these Career Fairs.  Alumni businesses are always welcome.  Contact Joyce Turnbull if interested:  jnturnbul51@aol.com