Ram Veterans

Thanks to Scott Harrison, 1978 & Retired Army Veteran!

Scott donated a 7' bronze Ram that will be installed at he WYHS Stadium!  To see the newspaper article please click on this link:


He'll be  'greeting' fans & foes @ Whitehall Football games & other sporting events at WYHS stadium.  


Scott Harrison, 1978, USA Ret., has volunteered to help organize a WYHS Alumni Veterans group. 

Some initial ideas include:

1. Provide support to others in the group

2. Provide mentorship for students seeking to join the military.

3. Provide guidance to those students, who are in the military (promotion preparation, career advice,

retirement advice, etc.).

4. Ensure our story is told to those who graduated after us.

5. Be a source of information and cash to support scholarships, improvements to the school, veterans

for parades, veterans in the classroom and anything else we are willing and able to assist with.

     In 2013, Scott donated a Ram statue.  This statue is dedicated to the veterans, who graduated from

WYHS or served as staff, administration or faculty at WYHS.  He would also like to provide a binder in the library with

profiles of those who have served.  

     The auditorium is going through some much-needed renovation and the school is seeking $100 per seat

or $1,000 per row.  Scott will be purchasing one row of seats in the auditorium (12 seats for $1000),

to support 'This Seat's Taken' fund raiser.  Scott’s “Warrior’s Row” will recognize/remember Hall of Fame

veterans.  Scott is also looking for veterans who might be interested in buying a seat or joining other veterans

to buy a Patriot's Row of seats.  If you’re interested in participating, please complete the Veterans’ Survey

link on the left column.  To donate for the seats, go to the 'Fund Raisers' link on the left column,

checks or credit cards are accepted..

     Since Scott is just getting started in this role he is seeking input on what you would like to do to show your

support.  Whether we fund a scholarship for current students or for veterans returning from the military service,

or do things that are important to veterans, the WYHS VETERANS is your group.  Scott looks forward to any

recommendations you may have.  Please send your comments to Scott via: sharrson@gmail.com;

(813) 602-5104 or (813) 944-8808Or, you can leave comments at the end of our Veterans Survey. 

Thanks for your service to our country. 

Photo of Hall of Fame Veterans, Clark Fuller, 1963 & Scott Harrison, 1978 with WYHS Rams