WYAA Activites

This year, WYHS graduates received WYAA Ram Pride glasses during the senior's graduation rehearsal.  
Graduating seniors walk through the ENTIRE graduation ceremony to ensure they know when they'll go to the stage, their names are prounounced properly, practice how to receive their diplomas, & acknowledge WCS administrators & Board members.  WYAA's Board member Ed Kowalski can be seen organizing our gift bags.

* 2024 WYAA Ram Pride Glasses *
WYAA sells these Ram Pride items: mugs, glasses, totes & t-shirts.  
Thanks to WYAA Board for starting the tradition of presenting Ram Pride glasses to WYHS graduates since 2028.  Thanks to Jodie Martin-Oiler '66 for preparing approximately 200 glasses every year to present to WYHS seniors.  The 2024 graduation will be on Friday evening, May 24 at World Harvest Church.

WYHS Sophomore Adavian Warnock, Whitehall Historical Society member, Marie who assisted preparing the glasses & Jodie Martin-Oiler & Bill Hugett's red truck.


* WYAA’s Back For The Future (B4F) Concert is Postponed Until 2025 *

Since 2020, Bruce Lowe, 1972, & I have talked about planning a concert fundraiser for Whitehall City Schools.  We’ve delayed our plans for 3 years because of COVID & Bruce’s availability.  This year, WYAA & Bruce decided to plan WYAA's benefit concert on September 28, 2024.  We contracted a venue, catering. musicians, & published marketing material to enlist sponsorships for our B4F concert.

Unfortunately, my focus in April switched from coordinating B4F  to focus on one of  my sons who became gravely ill with a rare autoimmune illness that also included complications of other organs.  Our family is grateful Jeff survived, thanks to lots of prayers & the teamwork of 8 medical specialists.  After 6 weeks he’s finally being discharged.  Since he’s single, he’ll be living with me to ensure his recovery & continuity of care.

Given my personal circumstances & priorities, WYAA’s Board decided to postpone our B4F Concert to 2025.  Our B4F contracts will be rolled over to a new 2025 date.  We’ll coordinate with Whitehall City Schools to determine the best dates to reschedule this event.   

We'll announce our 2025 B4F Concert & start our sponsorship & marketing campaign November 2024. 
Thanks to all the alumni who were our initial sponsors for WYAA’S 2024 B4F Benefit Concert.

Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969, WYAA President & B4F Chair &
WYAA Board: Mike Mazzi '77; Ed Kowalski '82; Cara Claire Wilson Cooper '92; Tasha Yarbrough '02; &
Dassan Jefferson '15.

* Update from Superintendent Sharee Wells on WYAA's $30k in 30 Days Pre-K fundraiser *

"Hi Joyce, 
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your incredible patience with the preK playground project.  It's been quite a journey, but we're finally at the point where we can place the order.  We've had to go through a lot of internal processes and comparisons to ensure we were being fiscally responsible and doing everything correctly, and I really appreciate your understanding throughout it all.

Soon, you'll be receiving an invoice for $30k for the WYAA portion of the project.  The total cost is approximately $79k, but thanks to your generous donations and the support of our alums, we're able to purchase everything we need to create an amazing playground experience for our kids.
We're getting swings, a merry-go-round, individual spinning spring toys, and a fantastic main climbing structure with multiple slides. Plus, we can now afford a larger area with a poured surface which will provide greater access for our students with disabilities and many more opportunities for gross motor development and more for all of our students. We're so excited, and we know that this is going to mean the world to our kids.

Thank you again for your support and patience. We couldn't have done this without you.

Warm regards,

Sharee Wells, Ed.D.
Innovation in WCS is the catalyst for success and student achievement."


* WYAA Partners with WYHS for Our 6th Career Fair on March 1, 2024 *

30 companies, organizations, educational & public service representatives partipated in our 6th WYHS & WYAA Career Fair.  Every year this fair offers WYHS junior & seniors to meet & talk to representatives about job & career opportunities in various careers that DON'T Require 4-year college degrees!  WYAA coordinates career fair participants & WYHS coordinates students' attendance.  Participants are required to complete our Career Fair Questionnaires about their respective company.  Pam Glass, WYHS Transition Coordinator, keeps these documents for students to review after the fair.  Our 2024 Career Fair offered students job & career categories from these companies:.

Aviation: Lane Aviation.  
Financial Customer Service: Discover, Heartland & Huntington Banks, State Farm Insurance.  
City & Community Services: Whitehall & Gahanna Park Districts, YMCA & Columbus Urban League.

Healthcare: Heart of Ohio & Ultimate Healthcare

Hospitality: Hilton Easton

Post-HS Education: Columbus State Community College, Eastland-Fairfield Workforce, Ashland & Tuskeegee Colleges.  
Logistics, Distribution & Customer Service/Retail: FedEx, Southern Glazer's distributors, Wasserstrom, & Home Depot.  
Police & Public Safety
Whitehall Police & Fire, Ohio Investigative Unit, Columbus Police Cadet Program, & the National Guard.  
Trades, Workforce Training & Apprenticships: Central Ohio Construction Accelerator Partnership, Vaughn Industries, Creating Central Ohio Futures, Barton Malow Builders (representing the Builders Exchange), & National Skilled Trades Network.


Emmet Carter, 2023, talked to the National Guard recruiter at our 2023 fair, & at our 2024 Career Fair, he participated as a MEMBER of the National Guard! 

(L-R:  Pam Glass, WYHS Transition Coordinator, Emmet & Joyce Turnbull, WYAA Pres.)

Lane Aviation



* Your $30k in 30 Days Donations Will Purchase New Playground Equipment *
WCS has awarded the contractor to build a new playground designed for Pre-K students at C.Ray Williams Early Childhood Center (CRWCC). The new playground will be installed during the summer break.  
We'll post photos after it's completed!  
* PRE-K Enrollment Update *
WCS Pre-K expanded 2023-24 program has reached its full-day enrollment capacity!  And, only a few half-day classes have openings.  
We look forward to seeing continued improvement in WCS's kindergarten readiness ratings.  In 2023 it improved from 1 star to 2 stars.  And, WCS was one of only 7 Ohio school districts to receive a 5-star rating in "Progress in Improvements".  Superintendent Dr. Sharee Wells' goal is to "shoot for higher stars" every year!
I recently visited CRWCC's Director, Lisa Marie Miller, to see the playground that WYAA's $30k donation will replace (below).  And, I loved visiting the new Pre-K classrooms.  WCS's partnership with Headstart & YMCA helped WCS enroll from zero(0) students in full-day classes in 2022-23 to 124 students in full-day classes in 2023-24!
The existing Pre-K playground.

THANKS, again, to our WYHS alumni who donated to WYAA's
$30k in 30 Days Pre-K fundraiser!  Your generosity is helping our little Rams be ready for kindergarten & their educational journey!  (See program details & more photos on the WYAA Events link on the left column.)

Thanks Rams!!  Joyce Turnbull, WYAA Chair & WYAA Board Members:  MIke Mazzi, 1977; Scott Harrison, 1978;  Ed Kowalski, 1982; Claire Wilson Cooper, 1993;Tasha Yarbrough, 2002; & 
Dassan Jefferson, 2015.


* THANKS to all the WYHS Alumni who donated to support WYAA's July 1-30 fundraiser! *

Pre-K Expanded Program Update, November 2023

Thanks to all our WYHS alumni who responded & donated to WYAA’s $30k in 30 Days Pre-K fundraiser in July.  Whitehall City School’s (WCS) expanded Pre-K program has experienced an outstanding increase in enrollments this 2023-24 schoolyear.

During the 2022-23 schoolyear WCS Superintendent Sharee Wells led a team of administrators to determine how to improve WCS’s kindergarten readiness by including full-day programs.  To help accomplish its Pre-K expansion, WCS partnered with Head Start & the YMCA.  WCS Pre-K classes, including Head Start & YMCA classes, are being taught in the Old Kae Ave. school, now known as the C. Ray Williams Early Childhood Center.  

Enrollment Update 
-  Last year there were 193 students but 0 students in full-day Pre-K classes.  
-  This year there are WCS 216 students enrolled with 124 students in full-day Pre-K classes.  
-  And, WCS continues to enroll children in classes that have openings.   

How will WCS use WYAA’s $30k donation? 
A diverse committee was formed to make recommendations: WYAA Board member Claire Cooper, 1993, District Operations/Maintenance members, Administrators, Pre-K Teachers/Educational Aides & a Pre-K parent.

They toured 4 area schools/early childhood centers to get ideas & see some best practices for outdoor learning spaces.  The committee met with Superintendent Wells to share ideas, recommendations and a “wish list.”  This project’s budget is $30k!   Now they are awaiting bids from 3 selected playground vendors.  The committee plans to make its final recommendations before the holiday break.  A ceremonial “reopening” of the new space & playground will take place in Spring 2024.  THANKS DONORS!

Director of C. Ray Williams Early Childhood Center, Lisa Marie Miller’s update
We are working closely with the YMCA and Head Start Programs to unite the Pre-K staff & have a cohesive full-day experience for as many students as possible.  The District’s RAMS Way initiative has been helpful in giving us a roadmap for this collaboration.  

Per our Building Leadership Team & Teacher Based Teams, we are starting to organize Family Engagement activities & hope to have something soon to celebrate the upcoming winter (holiday) season.  

-  On October 10, we invited the Whitehall Fire Department to come speak with all our classrooms in conjunction with the National Fire Prevention/Safety Awareness Week. The Fire Department brought a truck and an EMS vehicle for students to tour.  
-  On October 27, students enjoyed a “Pumpkin Patch” that was sponsored by the Kae Elementary PTO.  See photos below from these wonderful learning experiences. 

Habitat for Humanity & Discover Contributions
The WCS C. Ray Williams Early Childhood Center was selected to receive a few playhouses as part of Habitat for Humanity’s Play House Project.  Habitat uses their Playhouse Project as part of their fundraising efforts, whereby families who are recipients of homes can also be gifted a playhouse.  Discover helped sponsor our WCS Pre-K playhouses.  On November 10, Habitat for Humanity will work with a WYHS engineering class to build the donated playhouses. 

Go Pre-K Rams!
Joyce Turnbull, 1969 & WYAA Chair 



*Homecoming 50th Celebration for Lady Rams Alumni*
WYAA honored our Lady Rams alumni who played WYHS sports from 1973 - 2023.

Over 50 Lady Rams received honors at the Rams Homecoming Game on Friday, Sept 29.
See the list of our Lady Rams 'stars' below the photos.

Lady Rams Softball Alumni

Lady Rams Basketball aliumni

Lady Rams 1975 Gymnast & coach

Terrnis, Cross-Country & Track Lady Ram alumni Lady Rams

Lady Rams Volleyball Alumni

Alumni Ramettes Perform at Halftime!



Mitzi Gregg, 1976, Basketball

All-State Honors
Basketball: Kelly Carson, 1982. Rochelle Germany, 1998.
Bowling: Madison Stiffler, 2018.  Makayla Barber, 2018.  
SoftballSusanne McAdams, 2000. Kim Tackett, 2003
Track: Debbie Francis, 1980. 

All-District Honors

Basketball:  Kelly Carson(82).  Stephanie Jordan(92).  Martha Frink(94).
                     Rochelle Germany(98) &1998 Player of the Year.  Kim Tackett(03).

Softball:       Dawn McDivitt(97). Tina Radivojevic(97). Tiffany Hockaday(00).  Tiffany Adkins(00).
                     Susanne McAdams(00) & 2000 Player of the Year.  Mary Jo Scott(00).  Heather Smith(00)
                     Leanne Hambrick(01).  Stephani Cvetkovska(03).  Wendy Buchanan(05)

Volleyball:   Debbie Francis(80).  Becky Armes(89).  Karen Spelman(90).  Stephanie Jordan(92). 
                     Kim Eberwine(92).  Adrienne Jordan(93).  Martha Frink(94).  Tina Sheward(95).  
                     Mary Stace(00).   Kim Tackett(03).  Kayla Persinger(11).  Tia Sanders(17).  Sarah Seberig(18).
                     Makhia Hinton(19).

Track:           Debbie Francis(80).  Kelly Cordle(82).  Kim Ridenour(00)

X-Country:   Kelly Cordle(82).  Stacey Peck(93).  Kim Howard(94).  Elizabeth Eader(96).  
                      Monica Miller
(96).  Kim Ridenour(00)

ALL-Ohio Central Conference, Buckeye Athletic League & Mid-State Honors

BASKETBALL:  Vicki Kolikohn(75).  Vickie Lachowski(75).  Mitzi Gregg(76).Brenda Hammond(77)RIP.  Celia Fritz(79).  Mel Milliken(80).  Kelly Saffle(80)RIP.  Kelly Carson(82) & 1982 & 1982 OCC Player of the Year.  Mary Devereaux(83).  Darcy Cline(85). Kelly Wheeler(91).  Stephanie Jordan(92).  Adrienne Jordan(93).  Martha Frink(94).  Lisa Copley(94).  Roxanne Sampson(96). Tina Sheward(96).  Rochelle Germany(98). Maria Park(00). Tia Hayes(00). Mary Stace(00). Angela Thorne(01). Kim Tackett(03).  Mimi Mowoe(05). Alexis Mobley(18). Jewell Watkins(21).

BOWLING:  Makayla Barber(18) & MSL Bowler of the Year.  Madison Stiffler(18).  Alexis Stiffler(18).

CROSS COUNTRY:  Kelly Cordle(82).  Brenda Butler(83).  Dawn Lonski(83). Stacey Peck(93).  
Kim Howard(94).  Elizabeth Eader(96).  Monica Miller(96). Madalyn Miller(01).  

SOFTBALL:  Wendy Benjamin(81) & 1980 & 1981 OCC Player of the Year.  Kelly Carson(82).  Christy Neubecker(86).  Kyra Kouns(95).  Tina Sheward(96).  Jennifer Darnell(97).  Dawn McDivitt(97).  Tina Radivojevic(97).  Audrey Mosley(98).  Tiffany Hockaday(99).  Susanne McAdams(00) & 2000 OCC Player of the Year.  Tiffany Adkins(00). Mary Jo Scott(00). Heather Smith(00).   Leanna Hambrick(01). Ashley Setser(01).  Stacey Blosser(02).  Krystina Forsyth(02).  Stephani Cvetkovska(03).  Kim Tackett(03) & 2003 BAC Player of the Year.  Wendy Buchanan(05).  Kristi Hood(11).

TRACK:  Debbie Francis(80).  Kelly Cordle(82).  Martha Frink(94).  Laquita Taliaferro(94).  Elizabeth Eader(96). Monica Miller(96). Erin Miller(97).  Christa Snider(97).  Ester Miller(01).  Madalynn Miller(01).  Sharnai Skinner(04). Kim Ridenour(00).

VOLLEYBALL:  Jane Stimmel (76).  Michelle Dorsett(78).  Debbie Francis(80) & 1978 OCC Player of the Year.  Teresa Flesch(80).  Kim Blackstone(80). Becky Armes(89). Karen Spelman(90).  Tammy Grant(91). Stephanie Jordan(92).  Kim Eberwine(92). Adrienne Jordan(93). Martha Frink(94).   Lisa Copley(95).  

Tina Sheward(96).  Karen Martino(97).  Erin Miller(97).  Tiffany Hockaday(97).   Hearther Clore(99).  
Tina Radivojevic(97).  Karen Spelman(90).  Mary Stace(00)Leanne Hambrick(01).  Chelsea Wright(03).  Kim Tackett(03).  Kristi Hood(11).  Salem Worku(12).  Kayla Persinger(12).  Danielle Farnlacher(12).  Delina Farnlacher(12). Melanie Gilmer(13).  Tierra Copley(14).  Kayla Williams(14).  Tyra James(14).  
Tia Sanders(17). Sarah Seberig(18).  Makhia Hinton(19).  Alyson Shoemaker(19)


* WYAA presents a $30,000 check after its $30k in 30 Days Pre-K fundraiser * 
to Sharee Wells, Whitehall City Schools Superintendanton August 10 at the WCS Board Meeting.
See Donors listed below.  
WYAA also received a video message from Sharee to thank us WYHS Ram alumni
for our donations to support Whitehall's new & expanded Pre-K program.  Click link below.

Ram Pride Donors ($10-$499
1961: Phyllis Levine, Komerofsky.  1966: Harvey Eader & Jodie Martin-Oiler.  1967Tunney King & Jeanne Smith Webster.  1968: Tim Anderson & David Webster.  1969: Anonymous, Linda Brantley Adams & John Adams, Brenda Britt Monroe, Randy Curry, Mike Gillespie, Robyn Glass, Diane Hawkins, Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, Marlene Phillips Miller, Beckie Orr Heimlich, & Ken Snavely.  1970: Glenn Foltz, Michele Hall Drennen, Jacqueline Kehoe Sova, Cynthia Lofgren Deering, Vicki Rauch Dunlap, Dena Shipman Patton, Deborah Wisecup Presutti, Rodney Vest, Barbara Smith Yanoshek, Nick Zuk.  1972: Carol Fish Doeringer (see below).  1973: Patricia Amburgey Stone.  1974: Tara Trace Richardson.  1975: Carole Sammons Bryant.  1976: Mitzi Gregg Buck.  1977: Anonymous.  1978: Terry Anderson.  1982 45th Reunion, Laura Boggs & Ed Kowalski.  1986: Christina Armes Stokes & Randy Cooper.  1991: Patricia Ries Balser.  1993Cara Wilson Cooper.  2004: Chris Webb.  2015: Dassan Jefferson.  Massey's Pizza.

 Honor Roll Donors ($500 - $1999)
1961: Mary Duncan Beitzel.  1968: Anonymous.  1969: Steve Pierson & Anonymous.  1970: Nancy Keller Fitton & Jeff Mauk.  1971: David Cox.  1972: Cheryl McMillin Miller.  1975: Bill Kolarik.  1982: Anita Sompres Manring.

Honor Society Donors ($2,000+)
1968: Jan Farr Titus.  1977: Valerie Johns Staller.  1978: Colonel. Scott Harrison. City of Whitehall & Whitehall VFW.

WYAA Board members, Dassan Jefferson, 2015 & Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969

Thanks to Carol Fish Doeringer, 1972, for donating her autographed children's book, If you Wake a Skunk, for 3-5 year-olds.  Carol plans to read these books to our children attending Beechwood, Etna Rd., Kae Ave. & C. Ray Williams ECC (Early Childhood Center).  Carol 'graduated' from Beechwood Elementary School & her 6th Grade Teacher was Mrs. Eakin (aka Miss Althoff) who sadly passed away on January 1, 2023.

WYAA Preschool Fundraiser

Why?  Because Whitehall City Schools (WCS) is LAST in kindergarten readiness for Franklin County's school districts.  Previously, WCS only offered half-day preschool (Pre-K) classes with limited instruction time & did not accommodate many of Whitehall's Pre-K children.  The only students who attended were in families that were 100-200% below the poverty line, so they received state tuition grants.  Since WCS district only funds K-12 classes, Superintendent Sharee Wells worked with a special committee & other Franklin County agendies in an effort to expand Whitehall's Pre-K program.  

What's NEW for the 2023-24 WCS Pre-K program?  In collaboration with the Child Development Council of Franklin County (CDCFC), Head Start & the YMCA, the WCS expanded-Pre-K program will offer: 

  • Openings for 240 students,
  • Full-day & Half-day classes,   
  • Special-Ed classes & expanded opportunities for full inclusion with their general-ed peers,
  • Breakfast & lunch, 
  • A tuition structure that uses a sliding-scale for families at ALL income levels.
  • ALL classes will be held at the old Kae Ave. School. 

Why WYAA’s Pre-K Fundraiser?  WYAA was recently granted 501.c.3 status so your donation may be tax deductible.  Your donations will help bridge a $98k gap for:

  • Upgrading the old Kae Ave. facilities,
  • Installing new playground equipment appropriate for Pre-K children, 
  • Providing indoor gross-motor-skills equipment, &
  • Purchasing more school supplies.

Donation Levels:  Any donation helps & is greatly appreciated!  
*Ram Pride Donors: $10-$500  *Honor Roll Donors: $500-$1,999  *Honor Society Donors: $2,000+  

ALL Donors will Receive:

  • Recognition on WYAA’s new fundraising website, &
  • Program updates from Pre-K teachers after each semester.
  • Honor Roll Donors will also receive a choice of WYAA's $30k in 30 Days’ mug or tote.  
  • Honor Society Donors will receive all the above & be recognized on a plaque at Kae Ave. School.
  • Business logos &/or websites, if requested, will be posted on our fundraising website.

DONATE:  On this website:  https://30in30.givesmart.com/  OR

Write Checks payable to:  Whitehall-Yearling Alumni Assoc., Notation line: Pre-K
Mail to:  Claire Cooper, 1057 Laketree Ct. E, Westerville, OH  43081

Thanks Rams!  Tell your Classmates & WYHS Friends!

WYAA Board Members:  Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969;  Mike Mazzi, 1976;  Scott Harrison, 1978;  Ed Kowalski, 1982;  Claire Wilson Cooper, 1993;  Tasha Yarbrough, 2002;  Desaan Jefferson, 2015.

~ WYAA is a 501.c.3 public charity organization, EIN: 92-0845894 ~



Wednesday, March 1, in the WYHS auxiliary gym 

  1. Banking:  Heartland Bank
  2. Foodservice:  Chick-Fil-A, Tim Horton's, CANE'S
  3. Logistics/Distribution:  FedEx, Wasserstrom, Rumpke
  4. Medical/Healthcare:  Heart of Ohio, Ultimate Healthcare (nursing assistant training)
  5. Manufacturing:  Dynalab
  6. Military: US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force
  7. Retail:  Home Depot
  8. Trades:  Holderbaums Painting, US Iron Workers, Marker, Inc.
  9. Hospitality:  Hilton Columbus Downtown & Easton
  10. Transportation, Waste Management:  Rumpke (earn a commercial drivers license)
  11. Insurance:  State Farm
  12. Real Estate: Byron Diaz, WYHS 2010 
  13. Education:  Ohio State College of Barber Stylng, Columbus State Community Colleege, Eastland Fairfield Work Force, 
  14. City Services:  Whitehall Park District & Gahanna Park District
  15. Public Safety:  Whitehall Police & Fire Departments


* Celebrating 50 Years of Lady Rams Basketball Teams *
Here's the program that was distributed at the game.



* 2022 Homecoming WYAA Honors * 
Ram All-Americans, All-Ohio & State Champions

41 WYHS Athletes from 1960-2022 were recognized at Homecoming on September 16, 2022 (see photos below).  A post-game party was at the VFW.  Posters of all 6 WYHS decades of All-Americans, State Champions & All-Ohio athletes were on display .  
Below is the game program that featured ALL 41 WYHS RAMs (by class year; *RIP) with highlights of their athletic accomplishments at WYHS, college & universities & professional careers.  

                                                                            ALL-AMERICAN RAMS

BASKETBALL:  Van Gregg, 1971.  Terry Burris, 1974.  Marty Nessley, 1983.  
FOOTBALL:  Bill Landis, 1964.  Keiwan Ratliff, 1999.  
TRACK:  Bob Densham, 1962.  Robbie Neutzling, 1962. Terry Burris, 1974.  Jeff Phillips, 1976.


BOWLING:  Madison Stiffler, 2018.  
GOLF:  *Bob Carson, 1960.  Brian Bridges, 1987.  
TRACK:  Bob Densham, 1962.  Robbie Neutzling, 1962.  Terry Burris, 1974.  Jeff Phillips, 1976.  
WRESTLING: *Gary Joseph, 1960.  Ana Abduljelil, 2016.


BASEBALL:  Van Gregg, 1971.  *Brian Hamler, 1977.  Scott Tedder, 1984.  
BASKETBALL:  Van Gregg, 1971.  Terry Burris, 1974.  Marty Nessley, 1983.  Scott Tedder, 1984.  Samaki Walker, 1993.  Charles Warren, 1999.
BOWLING:  Madison Stiffler, 2018.  JJ Kefauver, 2019.
FOOTBALL:  George Heaton, 1970. Rich Sanborn, 1983.  Todd Coulter, 1985.  Charles Alston, 1994.  Murad Holliday, 1995.  Rayshaun Gales, 1997.  Keiwan Ratliff, 1999.  Ryan Hutchison, 2003.  Matt Angle, 2004.  Dave Wess, 2004.  Cameron Barker, 2015. Raymell Byrd, 2019.  Keon Freeman, 2019.  Ryan Redifer, 2019.  Melvin Tinsley, 2020.
SOFTBALL:  Susanne McAdams, 2000.
TRACK:  Rob Neutzling, 1962.  Terry Burris, 1974.  Jeff Phillips, 1976.  Keith Cox-White, 2009.  Andre Jackson, 2022.
WRESTLING:  *Gary Joseph, 1960.  *Mike Beery, 1961.  *Dan Gartner, 1961.  Ted Hupp, 1961.  Matt Whitmer, 1976.  Todd Coulter, 1985.  Oleatha Waugh, 1990.  Corey Dulaney, 2009.  Noah Jay, 2014.  Ana Abduljelil, 2016. 


BASKETBALL:   Van Gregg was a 1971 All-American.  He played for WYHS coach & dad, Russ Gregg.  Van played basketball for the Clemson Tigers & was their 1975 captain. He coached Rams basketball from 1994-2010 & was the 2002 Ohio Basketball Coach of the Year. Van retired from WYHS in 2012 & served on the Whitehall City Council for 8 years.  He’s now the City’s safety officer.  
Terry Burris was 1974 Basketball Player of the Year & was Ohio’s leading scorer.  Terry played for the OSU Buckeyes’ basketball & track teams.  
Marty Nessley was on the 1983 All-Ohio & McDonald’s All-American basketball teams, playing center for the Rams.  Marty played for the Duke Blue Devils & the Los Angeles Clippers.
Scott Tedder was the 1984 All-Ohio & OCC Player of the Year. He played basketball for Ohio Wesleyan & is their all-time leading scorer. He was a 2-time All-American & was the 1988 D3 National Player of the Year.  He led the Bishops to win the D3 National Championship in 1988.  Scott’s #22 jersey was retired in 1988.
Samaki Walker made All-Ohio in 1993 for the Rams’ state finalist team.  He played power forward for University of Louisville & in 1996 was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks.  Samaki played in the NBA from 1996-2006 for the Mavericks, Spurs, Lakers, Heat, Wizards & Pacers. 
Charles Warren made 1st team All-Ohio guard in 1999 & is the Ram’s all-time leading scorer.  He was also a Ram wide receiver (WR) & cornerback (CB) in football.  Charles made All-Conference at University of Findley & played for the Columbus Cyclones. He assisted coach Gregg in 2009-10 & is a licensed OHSAA varsity basketball official.

BASEBALL:  Van Gregg made All-Ohio in 1971 for baseball as a Ram pitcher & 1st baseman.
*Brian Hamler was an All-Ohio pitcher in 1977 & Conference Player of the Year.  He was a stand-out pitcher at Capital & pitched a No-Hitter in 1979.  Brian was the WCS superintendent from 2013-2021.
Scott Tedder made the 1984 All-Ohio baseball team.  Scott made D3 All-American at Ohio Wesleyan & was drafted by the White Sox in the 21st round.  He played AAA & AA with Michael Jordan when they both played for the Birmingham Barons.  

GOLF:  *Bob Carson won the 1960 State Golf Championship.  He earned his PGA card in 1973.  His career & passion was renovating golf courses across Florida.  Bob won the PGA Sr. Club Pro Championship in 1993 & 2 major North Florida PGA events.
Brian Bridges won the 1985 State Golf Championship.  He golfed for Kent State & was a 2-time All-American.  In 1991 Brian received the Ben Hogan Award (for athletics & academics & equivalent to the Heisman Trophy). Brian owns the Chapel Hill Golf Course in Mt. Vernon, OH.

BOWLING:  Madison Stiffler won the 2016 State Championship & made All-Ohio in 2017 & 2018.  She was Rookie of the Year at Wright State & was a 2x All-American. She graduated April 2022.
JJ Kefauver made All-Ohio by finishing 8th in the 2019 state finals.

SOFTBALL:  Susanne McAdams played shortstop for the Lady Rams & was named All-Ohio in 2000.                                              

FOOTBALL:  Bill Landis was a 1964 All-American linebacker (LB).  He played for Kent State & was voted team captain his senior year.  Bill played briefly in the NFL.
Keiwan Ratliff was a 1998 All-American & All-Ohio corner back & receiver in, scoring 13 TDs & 9 interceptions in 1 season.  He played for the Univ. of Florida (UF) Gators & was 1st Team All-SEC in 2002, & 2003 Defensive Player of the Year & 1st Team All-American.  He was inducted in UF’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2013.  Keiwan played in the NFL for 7 seasons with Bengals, Colts, Buccaneers & Steelers.  He’s now the UFS Director of Player Relations.
George Heaton was the 1969 Offensive Lineman of the Year & 2ND team All-State defensive player.  He received 11 WYHS varsity letters in football, wrestling & track.  George played 4 years on a full-ride scholarship at University of Indiana; an injury ended his football career.  He was a volunteer assistant coach for Ram wrestling & football 1980-82 & the girls’ track coach 1980-83. 
Rich Sanborn made All-State LB for the 1982 Ram team that made the state semi-finals.  Rich was also a state-qualifying wrestler.
Charles Alston was All-State & 1993 Offensive Player of the Year playing WR & free safety (FS) for the 1993 Rams.  In 2013 Charles was named The Dispatch’s Best All-Time Defensive Back.  
Murad Holliday made All-Ohio in 1994 & has the Rams’ running back (RB) records for leading scorer & single season rushing.  His 1995 high hurdles record of 14.64 still stands.  Murad also played on the 1993 state runner-up basketball team.  He played at Kent State on a full-ride football scholarship & is now the defensive coordinator for the Gahanna Lions’ football team.  Murad teaches special education at Rosemore.
Rayshaun Gales made All-Ohio as an RB in 1997, running 334 yards in 1 game.  He rushed 2,287 yards
Capital & ranks 2nd for all-time leading rusher.  Rayshaun played for the Columbus Extreme team in the National Minor Football League & was named 2003 Offensive Player of the Year.  
Ryan Hutchison made All-Ohio when he played FS for the Rams 2002 football team. He played Ram basketball & baseball, & baseball at Capital. Ryan coached St. Charles’ baseball for 7 years.  
Matt Angle made All-Ohio in 2004.  In 2013 he was named The Dispatch’s All-Time Best Return Specialist.  He played baseball (batted .440), basketball & ran track. Matt was a star center fielder at OSU & was drafted 7th by the Orioles. He played pro baseball 2007-2015.  From 2018-2022, he was an OSU assistant baseball coach; & is now with the Cleveland Guardians organization.
Dave Wess was the Rams’ quarterback (QB) & defensive back (DB) when he made All-Ohio in 2003.  He was a DB for the Cincinnati Bearcats & played QB as a graduate-school transfer at Seton Hill.  Dave took Seton Hill to the D2 NCAA playoffs.  He played in Canada, arena football & coached/played football in Italy.
Cameron Barker made All-Ohio in 2015.  He played inside LB for the Rams & for Ashland University on a full-ride scholarship.  He has degrees in education & special education.  Cameron is now the Rams’ asst. football coach & teaches at Etna Road, his elementary school alma mater. 
Raymell Byrd was the Rams’ All-Ohio QB for the 2018 Mid-State Conference Champs & also ran track.  He attended Ashland University until a serious injury prevented him from playing football. Raymell is a volunteer coach for the 2022 Rams football.
Keon Freeman made All-Ohio in 2018 playing LB for the Rams’ 9-1 football team.  This fall, Keon is playing middle LB for the 2022 Youngstown State D1 football team.    
Ryan Redifer won All-Ohio honors in 2018 playing center on the Rams’ Conference Champs & state playoff team.  He was the starting center for Ohio Wesleyan his freshman year. 
Melvin Tinsley was named All-Ohio in 2020.  He played LB & offense.

TRACK:  Rob Neutzling was a 1962 track All-American & State Champion.  At WYHS, he pole-vaulted with an aluminum pole & cleared 14’.  He pole-vaulted for OSU, the US Army Track teams & the Florida Gators. Rob competed at World Masters meets until his mid-40’s. He won the 1985 World Masters Championship in pole-vault.
Bob Densham made All-American & was State Champion in 1962.  He still holds the Rams’ long jump record of 23’4”.  While competing for Michigan, Bob cleared a jump of 6’7” & was an NCAA All-American.
Terry Burris was a 1973 All-American, State Champion & All-Ohio in track.  After setting a Ram & national high jump record of 7’, Terry was named the 1973 National HS Track Player of the Year.
Jeff Phillips was a 1976 All-American & State Champion. He holds the Rams’ 100m (10.2) & 200m (20.7) records & was ranked 3rd in the country & was the Citizen Journal Track Athlete of 1975-76.  Jeff ran at Tennessee & competed around the world on the USA Track & Field teams.  In 1981 Jeff was ranked 5th in the world for the 200m sprint.
Keith Cox-White made All-Ohio in 2009, finishing 4th in the 100m & 7th 300m hurdles in the state tournament.
Andre Jackson won All-Ohio honors in 2022 when he finished 7th in the state finals.  He set a Ram 400m record of 48.74

WRESTLING:  *Gary Joseph was the 1st wrestler from central Ohio to win the 1960 State Championship.  He also played for the Rams’ football & track teams.  He lettered 3 years at OSU & was the only All-American OSU wrestler in his weight-class for 31 years.  Gary served in the Army & played on the Army’s football team.
Ana Abduljelil won the 2016 State Championship & qualified for 3 state wrestling tournaments.  His Ram wrestling records are most wins, most take downs & most tournament championships.  Ana was a 2020 All-American & 3x NCAA D2 national qualifier at the University of Indianapolis.
*Mike Beery made All-Ohio in 1961.  He competed in 3 state finals & was runner-up twice.  At OSU, Mike qualified for NCAA wrestling tournaments & was the Buckeyes’ 1965 team captain.  
Ted Hupp finished 4th in the state to make All-Ohio in 1960.  He wrestled for Capital & won conference titles.  After Capital he became an Air Force pilot. Ted flew F4 & F111 jets in 140 low-level combat missions over North Vietnam.  He retired as a major after serving 20 years in the US Air Force.
*Dan Gartner made All-Ohio in 1961.  In 1965 Dan started coaching WYHS wrestling, football, & track.  He retired from WCS in 1994.  WYHS’s annual wrestling tournament is the Dan Gartner Duals.
Matt Whitmer was All-Ohio & the runner-up in the 1976 State Championships.  Matt also made All-Ohiohonorable mention in football as the Rams’ LB & FB.  Matt wrestled at Capital where he won conference titles & reached the NCAA D3 finals.
Todd Coulter placed 3rd in the 1984 State finals & was also 2nd Team All-State LB with the Ram’s 1984 undefeated football team that lost the state championship game in overtime.  Todd wrestled for Indiana where he made all Big Ten & was a 2x All-American Academic Athlete.  Todd has been Westerville North’s wrestling coach for over 30 years.
Oleatha Waugh made All-Ohio when he finished 3rd in the 1990 state finals.  He also played football & baseball.  He wrestled at OSU in 1991 but graduated from Columbus State & Capital in sports medicine. Oleatha was inducted into to the CSCC Alumnus Hall of Fame for ‘Gang Violence Intervention & Mediation Professional’ while working at the Urban League.  He’s now the Visitation Supervisor at Franklin County Children Services on Main St. in Whitehall.
Corey Dulaney made All-Ohio when he placed 4th in the 2009 state finals.  He played defense & fullback & ran hurdles for the Rams.  Corey is a professional boxer & competes in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events.
Noah Jay made All-Ohio in 2014 when he finished 7th at the state finals.  At WYHS he won 100 matches & was a 4-time Dan Gartner champion. Noah served 6 years in the Army as a 19 Delta Calvary Scout & coached Whitehall’s Youth Novice Wrestling program for 4 years.  

L-R Basketball: Steve Nessley represented Marty Nessley(83).  Football: Rayshaun Gales(97), Keiwan Ratliff(99), David Wess(04), Ryan Hutchison(03).  Basketball: Chuck Warren(99), Van Gregg(71).  Football: George Heaton(70).L-R: Track,Keith Cox-White(09).  Wrestlers: Matt Whitmer(76), Ana Abduljelil(16), Todd Coulter(85), Gary Joseph*(60) represented by his son Todd, wife & sister Sandy Joseph(63).  Joetta Eader(63).  Mike Beery*(61) represented by wife, Judy Yeakle(62 ), sister & 1962 Homecoming Queen Karen Beery.  Wrestler, Corey Delaney(09).

L-R: Cameron Barker(15), Matt Angle(04) Ryan Hutchison(03), George Heaton(70), Rich Sanborn(83), Rayshawn Gales(97) & Bill Hughett, Athletic Director


 * 2021 WYAA Homecoming Update *

Ramettes celebrated their 60th Anniversary in September & October.  Alumni Ramettes performed with the WYHS Alumni marching band on September 10 & marched in the Homecoming parade on September 29.  At the October 1, they were recognized at the football game, & celebrated their reunion at the VFW after the game.

Special thanks to Linda Brantley Adams(69), Diana Lippencott Gille(86) Tondra Van Allen(85), Renee Keaton Lucas(71), Jackie Keaton(73), Dan Miller(73), John Adams(69), Leo Knoblauch(77), & Ed Kowalski(82) who volunteered their time & efforts to ensure the WYHS Homecoming was a fun celebration.  Special thanks to Ed Kowalski who acquired 6 loge, center ice tickets for our WYAA scholarship fund raffle.  Here are a few photos  if you want to see more, go to the 'Photo Gallery' tab on the left column "Ramettes".

After the parade!
Columbus Blue Jacket game winners:  Patrice Falls, Tondra Van Allen & Mark Trace!

Nationwide Arena Chef, Ed Kowalski (82)

Patrice Falls

Tondra Van Allen



After a very challenging 2020, we wish all our Ram Alumni a Healthy & Happy 2021!

Despite WYAA'S challenges in planning & sponsoring 2020 events for WYHS alumni & students, we still managed to:

1.  Sponsor our 3rd WYHS CAREER FAIR in January 2020. (See photos in Photo Gallery)

2.  Provide Student Scholarships & our first Alumni Scholarship. 

3.  Purchased "Congratulations WYHS Graduate" yard signs that were delivered to all 2020 graduating seniors' homes by Whitehall City Schools bus drivers.

4.  Presented "Ram Pride" glasses to all 2020 graduates during their Graduation at the auditorium.   Thanks to Jodie Martin-Oler, 1966, for preparing the 200+ WYAA gifts & coordinated the delivery to WYHS.   This was the 3rd year that WYAA has presented WYHS seniors with these Ram Pride glasses.  


* 2020 CAREER FAIR for WYHS Students *

WYAA is proud of the success of our 3rd Career Fair on Friday, Jan. 31, 2020.  Over 400 students visited 20 businesses, public service & military representatives.  WYAA created this Career Fair in 2018 to provide WYHS students with the opportunity to learn about jobs & careers that don't require 4-year college degrees. 

Thanks to WYHS guidance counselors, Pam Glass, Lauren Taylor & Jocelyn Thomas; Teacher Anthony Paletta & the Student Council members; Jenna Goehring of the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce.  My responsibilities for this year's Fair was to coordinate & communicate with all the participants & business questionnaires, & catering. 

WYHS is the 1st school in the Columbus area to provide this kind of Career Fair for students not interested in attending 4-year colleges. 

2019 Career Fair photos below.

Over 300 students attended our 2019 Career Fair & talked to 25 businesses & public service representatives.

Ram Alumni representing AT&T & State Farm

Students talking to the Mt. Carmel represerntative.


WYHS & WYAA honored three Undefeated Ram football teams at the 2019 Homecoming game, Friday, October 11.  They were the 1959, 1969 & 1984 teams.  

The 1984 Ram football team celebrated the 35th Anniversary of their undefeated football season & were recognized & honored after the game’s 3rd quarter.   

These Rams played for the 1984 State Football Championship against Steubenville.  That game came down to the wire when the Rams scored with 30 second to go on a pass from Brian Jones to Jim Soma to tie the game at 6-6.  The Rams lost in the overtime 12-9.   TEAM HIGHLIGHTS:

  • The 1984 Rams were the 1984 OCC Champions with a 10–0 record.
  • In the 1984 State Playoffs, they beat arch-rival Eastmoor to win Region 8.  
  • Despite being 21-point under dogs, they defeated Kettering Alter to win the State Semi-Finals 21-7. 
  • The 1984 team’s offense was led by runners Pat JohnsonDon Overton & Quarterback Brian Jones.  Each runner rushed for 850 yards or more.  Pat played for the Toledo Rockets.  
  • Don Overton played for Fairmont State.  He also played 3 years in the NFL for the Patriots & Lions.  Don is one of only a few Rams to play in the NFL.
  • This team’s defense was the strength of the team.  They held opponents to 62 points during the season & to only 26 points during their playoff games.  Tackle Dave Draper made 1st Team All-State honors & played for Vanderbilt University.  
  • From their freshman through senior years, the Class of 1985 football players finished their Whitehall football careers with a 37-1-2 record in regular play & were 2-1 in state playoffs. 
  • The 1984 Rams played the 1984 State Football Championship game in the OSU Horseshoe.  Their season ended with a 12-1 record.  To date, they are the only WYHS football team to play in a state championship game.  
  • Over 40 Rams & their coaches, including Head Coach Jeff Jones, were honored & recognized on the new WYHS football field after the 3rd Quarter.  



Whitehall’s 1969 Ram Football Team celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their undefeated season.  They were the first Rams to play in our current stadium.  The previous stadium had wooden bleachers & the home side was where the visitor’s side is today.

In 1969 the Ohio Capital Conference (OCC) was established.  WYHS was one of the charter schools of the OCC.  The other high schools were:  Westerville, Gahanna, Mt. Vernon, Reynoldsburg, Worthington, Delaware & Westland.

First-year Head Coach Pat McMillan used the talented 1970 senior class athletes by playing a new spread-out offense.   TEAM HIGHLIGHTS:

  • The 1969 Rams will be remembered for winning the very 1st OCC Championship.  
  • Co-Captain George Heaton was voted All-State & the Offensive Lineman of the Year.  He received a full-ride scholarship to Indiana University.
  • Co-Captains Glenn Foltz & George Heaton received 4 varsity football letters by starting every varsity football game as freshmen through their senior year.
  • 4 Seniors received Division-1 scholarships: offensive linemen Mike Smith George Heaton, quarterback Rex Gregg & kicker Butch Sark.  
  • Butch Sark averaged 50 yards a kick during his WYHS career.  Butch & Rex received scholarships to play for New Mexico State. 
  • State Football Playoffs were not played in 1969.  This team ended their football season 8-0-1 & was ranked #10 in Ohio’s Division-1 football teams. 

Class of 1970 Seniors:  Rex Gregg, Glenn Foltz, Coach Pat McMillin, Steve Southworth & George Heaton.

L-R:  Jim Franklin, 1959.  Robin Lucas, 1971; Class of 1970 players: Mike Smith, Rex Gregg, Clay Fuller, Glenn Foltz, George Heato, Ed Skillman & Nick Zuk.  In memory of Ted Parkevich, 1970, Chris Parkevich, 1977, held his brother's varsity jacket;  Jim Parkevich, 1968 & Bill Hughett, Athletic Director.  



The 1959 Football Team was Whitehall-Yearling’s 3rd football team.  That team went undefeated & were named District Champions.  The Central Buckeye League gave Upper Arlington the league championship because the Rams’ record was 6-3.  Some of the players were Coach Dan Gartner (RIP), Captain Don & Jim Franklin, Gary Joseph.  Jim Franklin’s son was also on the undefeated 1984 team.  Jim Franklin represented his 1959 team at the game.

Our WYHS Rams won the 2019 Homecoming game against the Bexley Lions, 48-27. 



WYAA raised $1,300 for our scholarship fund on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019.  

Thanks to all who sponsored, participated & purchased our Silent Auction items.

To see all the WYHS alumni sponsors & donors,

go to the "Casino Night Sponsors" tab on the left column.

THANKS to our Silent Auction winners:  

Mark Trace, Steve Mazzi, Phil Stover, Butch Martin & Bill Hughett.

Bill Hughett, WYHS Athletic Director, won the Texas Hold 'Em trophy!

THANKS TO Jerry Kowalsk, 1987, made & donated this Rams Corn-Hole game.  His brother Ed Kowalski, 1982, (in the photo) donated the Blue Jackets premium loge box seats. 



2018 Casino Night Photos 





WYAA (Whitehall-Yearling High School) & WYHS Athletic Dept purchased a Photo Screen to use for Class Reunions,  WYAA Alumni Events, WYHS Student Awards, WYHS College Signings, etc.  The screen is 10' wide x 8' high.

If you're planning a class reunion & want to use this screen, contact Joyce Turnbull, jnturnbull51@aol.com or 847-502-9052.


WYAA, WYHS & the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce sponsored & coordinated our 2nd Career Fair on Friday, March 1, 2019 in the Russ Gregg gym.  20 WYHS students served as Career Ambassadors.  Special thanks to WYHS teachers & guidance counselors:  Pam Glass, Anthony Paletta & Lauren Taylor.  Joe Ryan was the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce representative & Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969, served as the Career Fair coordinator.

This Fair featured companies that don't require 4-year college degrees to land a job or start a career.   Over 300 WYHS students, a group of Rosemore students & a few public guests attended the Fair.

Thanks to the Whitehall companies who participated:

  1. Automotive:  Byers Jeep Chrysler & Valvoline Instant Oil Change
  2. Aviation:  Lane Aviation (Pat McTurner, WYHS 1974, is the Director of Aircraft Maintenance)
  3. Banking:  Heartland Bank
  4. Business Administration:  Alliance Data
  5. Community Service:  YMCA
  6. Education:  Columbus Stte Community College & Eastlan-Fairfield Workforce Program
  7. Foodservice:  King Gyros
  8. Insurance:  State Farm (Anthony Jordan, WYHS 2002 is the agency owner) 
  9. Inventory Control:  RGIS Inventory Service
  10. Logistics/Distribution:  FedEx
  11. Medical/Healthcare:  Heart of Ohio, Mt. Carmel East, Ultimate Health Care, AcuSight
  12. Military: US Army
  13. Public Safety:  Whitehall Police & Fire
  14. Real Estate: ReMax Affiliates (Karen Lowe Hartmann, WYHS 1968, is a realtor)
  15. Retail:  Home Depot & At&t (Tyrell Williams, 2018 & Trevor Jenson, 2018 are sales reps)
  16. Trades:  Able Roofing

Company representatives loved talking to WYHS students & telling them about their careers & possible jobs.  Some students & our public attendees recieved job applications &/or job interviews.  

Companies filled out business questionnaires & were available as handouts.  Students worked with Anthony Paletta & Joyce Turnbull to create the questions.  Below is one of those questionnaires.


AT&T Authorized Retailer- MMS Group

Andy Moore-District Manager - 3845 E. Broad St. Columbus, OH 43213

What skills are required to get an entry-level job with your company or profession?  

  • Some phone/ internet and sales knowledge is a plus when starting out as a Sales Representative.  
  • Possess a competitive spirit and desire to meet and exceed sales goals.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time

What Professional, Technical Certificate or 2-Year Degree do I need?   HS Diploma, GED

On-The-Job training?  Yes, 30 days of new hire training and continuous monthly training

What traits are you looking for in an employee to be successful? 

Employee should be self-motivated.  Eager to learn.  Hard worker.  Customer driven, able to talk to customers with ease.  Great attitude.

What types of background checks is required for employment?   We perform a federal background check. 

Will I need to submit a resume?  I would highly recommend submitting a resume with your application.

What is the average starting pay for entry-level jobs?  What type of job & what is maximum salary range?    

Sales Professionals:  $11 per hour starting out.  Most Sales Professionals will make $50,000 - $100,000 depending on skill set & customer base.

What will get me fired?  

  • Not following the provided Employee Handbook rules/guidelines will get you fired.
  • Being dishonest or fraudulent will also get you fired.

Do you provide employee tuition reimbursement or additional training?

Book reimbursement if majoring in relevant field

What do you like best about your profession &/or job?  

  • We are a top 100 Employer in the State of Ohio and Michigan
  • Helping out people each day with communication and Entertainment needs
  • Store environment and culture of the company

Are any of your jobs at risk of being automated or moved?  We move people around from one location to another from time to time.


Additional Questions & Our Answers

How do I receive benefits like insurance, medical, retirement accounts?   We offer open enrollment during certain times for full time employees

What qualifications are required to be promoted into a supervisory or management positions?  

Experience in coaching and developing employees, excellent sales skills and demonstrated ability to meet or exceed performance standards, Customer management skills, and Strong organizational skills.

Does your company require travel for some of your jobs? If so what jobs & how much?  Very little if any 

Does your company give bonuses, stock options or incentive pay?   401K after 1 year 

Do you offer flexible work schedules?   Must bewilling to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends and holidays

What is your dress code? 2 provided t shirts. Jeans and tennis shoes 



  • WYAA gave 2 Student Scholarships ($500 & $250) in 2018.  
    • We want to give a Scholarship to WYHS Alumni in 2019.
  • WYAA & Whitehall Chamber of Commerce sponsored our 1st WYHS Career Fair.
    • This Fair focused on careers that don't require a 4-year college degrees.
    • Over 200 students & 28 businesses participated.
    • Our 2019 Career Fair will be Friday, February 8 @ WYHS, 2 - 6PM.  Open to the Public from 3:30 - 6.  Military Recruiters will be participating.
  • WYAA started a new tradition of presenting RAM PRIDE Beverage Glasses to new WYHS graduates during their Graduation Rehearsal. 
  • wyhsalumni.org website has 1,335 registered alumni with over 93,000 views.
  • WYHS Ram Pride pins were created for alumni & Vets.
  • WYAA has sent over 270 WYHS Vets WYAA Sports Cards
    • Cards give free admission to all WYHS home sports games.
  • WYAA partnered with WEF to administer our scholarships.
  • Casino Night raised $1,000.
  • WYAA supported 2018 WYHS Class Reunions.



CONGRATULATIONS to our WYHS 1992 - 1993 Basketball Team, who were Runner-Ups for the 1993 State Championship.  They celebrated their 25th Anniversary on December 8 @ the WYHS Basketball game with Coach Mike Dixon.  This team is the only WYHS Basketball Team that has played in the Ohio State Finals.  










We will be honoring the 25th Anniversary of the WYHS 1992-93 Basketball team, that played in the State Finals.  Please come and join us as well as meet former players and coaches from the team on December 8 against Bexley.  




1.  Presented Student Scholarships ($500 & $250) to two 2018 WYHS graduates.  WYAA will also give Alumni Scholarships.  These scholarships are designated for Technical & 2-year schools.  

2.  Gave 250 WYHS Veterans our WYAA Sports Card for free admission to all WYHS home sports games. (Thanks Bill Hughett!).  This program was featured on Channel 10 TV morning news in August 2017.

3.  www.wyhsalumni.org has registered over 1,170 alumni with over 72,000 views. 

4.  Planned & sponsored a Career Fair with the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce in February 2018.  We had 28 local businesses & over 200 students attended.  'This Week' featured a photo & story of this event.  We're planning another Career Fair in February 2019.  The focus is jobs that don't require 4-year college degrees.

5.  "Adopt-A-Street" participation - Pick-up trash on Yearling Road from Broad to Main.

6.  WYAA started a new tradition by giving our WYHS Alumni beverage glasses to new WYHS graduates (190 in 2018).  See glasses on 'WYAA Ram Products' link on left column.

7.  Promoted Hall of Fame nominations & honored past WYHS Hall of Fame inductees during the WYHS Hall of Fame basketball game.

8.  Participated in WYHS 2017 Homecoming Parade with veterans & alumni floats.  

9.  Partnered with the Whitehall Education Foundation to administer our scholarships & WYAA has a representative on their board.




WYAA & the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce planned & sponsored a Career Fair @ WYHS on Friday, Feb. 23.  The goal of this Fair was to feature businesses that don’t require a 4-year college degree to start a career.  The majority of the businesses provide Employee Training & On-The-Job Training.  Others only require a professional certification or a 2-year Associates Degree.

This Week's News' local reporter Kevin Corvo covered our Fair. Here's the link: 


Over 200 students attended the Fair & 27 businesses & public service entities participated.  The companies who participated in the Career Fair brought impressive representatives:  Service Directors, Senior Human Resource Representatives & Regional Recruiters, Business Owners, Service Managers, Fire Chief, Branch Managers, Director of Nursing, Nursing Specialists & General Manager.  These impressive professionals represented the following businesses:

Automotive:  Byers Auto, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Ernie’s Automotive.

Banking & Finance:  Heartland Bank & State Farm Insurance (Anthony Jordan, WYHS 2002)

Distribution/Logistics:  Wasserstrom Company & FedEx

Education:  Columbus State Community College & Eastland-Fairfield Adult Development Center

Foodservice:  King Gyros Greek Restaurant & Flavor 91 Bistro

Hospitality:  Holiday Inn Express

Human Resources:  Karen Conison (1980)

Nursing/Healthcare:  The Ashford on Broad, Mt. Carmel, Heart of Ohio Health Center (Marty Philips Miller, WYHS 1969)

Public Safety & Service:  Whitehall Fire Dept., Whitehall Police Dept., Franklin County Sheriff Dept., Whitehall Chamber of Commerce, Whitehall Park District

Real Estate:  Keller-Williams (Byron Diaz, WYHS 2011) & Coldwell Banker

Trades:  Whitehall Service Dept. (Jeff Hart, WYHS 1980), Best Service Heating & Cooling, Wallick Communities Property Mgmt.

Trucking & Waste Management:  Rumpke

Our business partners completed Questionnaires that Anthony Paletta’s Government Class helped create.  These Questionnaires will be used as a Career Resource for all WYHS students.

Here some of the questions:

What skills or education do I need for an entry-level job?   What will get me fired?  Do you provide Employee Training or tuition reimbursement?  What traits are you want for an employee to be successful?  What’s the starting pay for an entry-level job?  What is your work environment?

When &/or will I receive benefits?  What is your dress code?  Do you have drug screening?  What kind of background checks do you need for employment?  Does your company give bonuses, stock options, or incentive pay?  What qualifications are required to be promoted to a supervisory or management position?

If you’re interested in reading these questionnaires for yourself or a student, please contact Joyce Turnbull, jnturnbull51@aol.com.