City of Whitehall Updates

GREAT NEWS for Whitehall! They received a $600K grant from the State of Ohio & the governor was there to present it to the mayor. I heard the the lot where Stewart's Root Beer was will be made into a parking lot for the police dept! I still think we should have a plaque somewhere after it's built with a photo of the Rootbeer stand & the years it operated!

WYHS ALUMNI:  L-R  Steve Quincel, 1972, Wes Kantor, 1975, Van Gregg, 1971


* Whitehall's Woodcliff Homes are all colors of the Rainbow *

Woodcliff homes are in the news again!  A local artist who likes to express her creativity with abandoned buildings, roads, etc. around Columbus came to Whitehall!  Here's the Channel 4 report with photos!
Enjoy Woodcliff's new colors.  It seems people either hate it or LOVE IT!

* Whitehall Real Estate is White-Hot *
Homebuyers say properties are affordable, convenient.  Affordability is drawing first-time homebuyers to the inner-ring Columbus suburb, and they're enjoying the convenience of its location and amenities.
* Woodcliff is featured in "Architectural Afterlife *
This article gives a brief history of a neighborhood many WYHS students lived & grew up.  Woodcliff was built in 1953.  So, those homes were new while the baby boomers were growing up in the 1950's - 70's. 
* Whitehall's Woodcliff Neighborhood is scheduled for Demolition *
Whitehall's 20th Century's Woodcliff neighborhood will be demolishied
to build a 21st Century mixed-use development!  Below is the link to a Dispatch article about the demolition & the plans for Whitehall's Hamilton & Broad's NE corner.
* Whitehall YMCA program Featured in the Dispatch *
This new after-school Whitehall program is a program for middle school students & is the first of its kind in Greater Columbus!  Throughout the week, middle schools at Whitehall YMCA may experiment with technologies, cook tasty dishes, play music or learn about the outdoors.  
Shannon Sorrell, Whitehall Park & Recreation Director, said that the City is giving this progrm $150,000 to make this new & successful program's family to keep it affordable for families.  It's only $15 per semester for each student.  A school bus picks up Rosemore students after school & drops them off at the YMCA.  Check out this story on:

The "State of the City" was March 10.
Mayor Kim Maggard, Police Chief Mike Crispen & City Administrator Zach Woodruff presented the 2021 Annual State of the City , "Building Up Opportunity" on March 10.  Here are some highlights:
Whitehall grew 11% since the 2010 census to 20,127.  Whitehall is one of the most racially diverse suburbs in Columbus with 64% non-white citizens.  Over $9M in City, state & federal funding were reinvested in Whitehall streets, bridges, sewer systems, & parks.  Whitehall saw a 20% increase in average home sales price.  $642,000 of illegal narcotics & other drug assets were taken off the streets.  The new Kelley Green hosted 3,500 attendees at 13 Market on the Green farmers market during the summer.
To read their impressive online 2021 Annual Report click this link: 


* Important City of Whitehall Links *  *  http://


* Broad St & Hamilton Rd Improvements *
Whitehall received over $10M in federal & state funds to fix the Broad-Hamilton intersection.  It'll take 9 months & will start in 2022.  To read more details go to the City of Whitehall Updates link on the left column.  


* Broad & Hamilton Intersection Improvements in 8-10-year plan *
Whitehall received state ($12M) & federal funds ($9M) to improve Broad & Hamilton, details & photos on below links.​​


* Whitehall's Impressive 10-Year Economic Comeback Story & Plans *
Since 2010, over $114 million in private and public economic investment per square mile has been completed, is in progress or has been committed in Whitehall. This amount of economic investment is unprecedented, and has been an integral part to Whitehall’s comeback story.  Learn about some of the major projects underway as part of Whitehall’s decade of development below.