Eastland-Fairfield Alumni

WYAA is looking for an Eastland alumni submit news about Eastland-Fairfield graduates.   We would love to learn about success stories, honors, career experiences etc..  

We're also always looking for alumni to participate in our WYHS Career Fairs & WYHS "Future Fridays" that invite trade professionals to discuss their jobs/careerss.  

Here are the Eastland graduates who have registered on this website.  Please encourage your Eastland-Fairfield classmates to join this website.  We'd like to recognize our Eastland graduates!  If you don't see your name & you're registered, please contact Joyce Turnbull, jnturnbull51@aol.com or via a private message via this website.  Thanks!

Year First Name Last Name
1969 John Adams
1969 Phillip Krouse
1971 Cynthia Cook
1971 Daniel Kirwin
1971 Ricky McMasters
1972 Marilyn Rapenport
1972 Cathy Reedy
1973 Sandra Andromalos
1973 Douglas Morgan
1974 Stephen Rigsby
1975 Steven Taylor
1976 Marilyn Rayner
1976 Arthur Soma
1977 Leo Knoblauch
1978 Leslie Drummond
1983 Patricia Britton
1986 Jeffrey Fisher
1988 Sandra Shull
1996 Samantha Trent
1996 Ralph Walker
1997 Ronald Nester
2009 Ryan Hood
2011 Shaina Colon
2011 Hallie Kirk
2011 Kelsey Murphy
2011 Dereck Tedder
2011 Sabrina Wagner
2012 Szierra Higginbottom
2014 Noah Wiley
2018 Kibrab Hadis