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•   Johnnie Frownfelter (1984)  6/22
•   Colette McCoy (1977)  6/22
•   Mike Workman (1971)  6/18
•   Olivia Murry (2012)  6/15
•   Bruce Sluss (1981)  6/15
•   Kenneth Black (1981)  6/10
•   Doug Shoemaker  6/6
•   Amanda Isenberg  5/24
•   Cassandra Gibson (2002)  5/20
•   Christine Rebtoy (Egler) (1984)  5/17
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Percentage of Joined Rams: 15.5%
A:   2023   Joined
B:   11062   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Philip Allen (1979)  2024
•   Becky Pope (Heimerl) (1971)  2023
•   Don Bell (WYHS)  2024
•   Jeanne Larrick (Winegardner) (1969)  2024
•   Julia (Judy) Davis (Shade)  2024
•   Carolyn Fishinger (Bice) (1968)  2023
•   Jerry Bickel (1964)  2024
•   Kenneth Mautz (1958) 
•   Jon Hallas (1970)  2020
•   Sheila Waite (Weaver) (1968)  2023
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•   Butch Martin (1969)  6/23
•   Jeremy Peart (1999)  6/23
•   Shaniece Bridges (McDonald) (2006)  6/24
•   Keah Carter (2011)  6/24
•   Joyce Cruse (Miller) (1974)  6/24
•   Dustin Malone (2009)  6/24
•   Timothy Mauchly (1970)  6/24
•   Theresa Rothwell (1994)  6/25
•   Amy Lepper (Ruth) (1978)  6/26
•   Marcia Jackson (Geiger) (1968)  6/27
•   Joette Kuharic (1972)  6/27
•   Joseph Massey (Massey) (1996)  6/27
•   Kimberly Muncy (2014)  6/27
•   Stephen Day (1976)  6/28
•   Timothy Flesch (1979)  6/28
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* Stephanie Finoti, WYHS 2020, is crowned
2024 Miss Ohio on Saturday *

Stephanie Finoti also won the Health and Fitness Award Friday night & danced the ballet from "Don Quixote."  She'll graduate in December from the Univiersity of Cincinnati with a biomedical science degree with hopes to become a pediatrician.  
Stephanie also was a WCCA Pageant Winner!  
Her parents were immigrants from Brazil.  Stephanie said she learned English from the librarians at our Whitehall Public Library!  See more details on the City of Whitehall tab on left column.

* Class of 1969 Reunion Survey *
1969 Classmates please answer our 55th Class Reunion Survey questions to help us decide if we'll have a reunion during WYHS Homecoming weekend, Sept 27-29.  The survey is on the left column.  Please answer by July 1 & spread the word!

* Congratulations National Champion, Aaron Moore WYHS 2024 *
Aaron Moore, 2024 WYHS & Eastland Career Center Graduate
recently won the
National Champion in the Database Applications Competition
at the Business Professionals of America (BPA) National Leadership Conference in Chicago.

WYAA’s Back For The Future (B4F) Concert is

Due several challenges, WYAA’s Board decided to postpone our B4F Concert until 2025.  We’ll announce our new B4F date in November 2024. We'll roll over the Valley Dale (photo below), Berwick Catering contract & coordinate with Bruce Lowe his 2025 availability.

* Discover & Central Ohio Corporations Are Offering FREE Clothes, Learning Materials & Summer School *
FREE Clothes, Learning Materials & Household Products to ALL WCS-Enrolled Students will be available on
Saturday, July 20 @ Beechwood from 10 - 3.

FREE, 8-week Summer Camp from June 17 - August 9 
is available to Whitehall's Low-Income, Refugee & Immigrant  families.  See more details are on the "Whitehall City Schools" tab on the left column.  Spread the Word!

* WYAA's Needs a New Treasurer *
Join WYAA's dynamic & diverse board members to support WYHS Alumni, students, & Whitehall City Schools.  Estimated volunteer time for treasurer is 25-30 hours per year.  Responsibilities include oversee (with WYAA President) our Heartland Bank account; attend 3-4 board meetings per year (Zoom or in person); provide financial reports (easy spreadsheet) at board meetings; & prepare annnual IRS 990EZ tax returns that's very easy!   2024 WYAA Board Members are: Joyce HIldenbrand Turnbull '69; MIke Mazzi '77; Ed Kowalski '82, Claire Wilson Cooper '93; Tasha Yarbrough '02; Dassan Jefferson '15.

* How to ENSURE your Profile is PRIVATE *
Keeping your profile information private is a critical & important feature of this website.  To ensure you BLOCK Your Profile Information from public search engines, please follow the easy steps below. Go to the EDIT PROFILE link midway down the left column under Member FUNCTIONS. (You must be signed in. If you can't remember your password, go to the left column under 'MEMBER FUNCTIONS' & click on CHANGE PASSWORD.) Go to: PROFILE VISIBILITY (towards the end of your Profile Edits). Check BLOCK PUBLIC SEARCH ENGINES from accessing your Profile. Only fellow Classmates & Teachers can view your Profile details. Your home address, emails, etc. are never available. REMEMBER TO SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page. NOTE: LEAVE THE BOX UNCHECKED if you wish to allow the public (friends, co-workers, family members, etc.) to view your Profile details via public search engines. If you have any questions or concerns about blocking your PROFILE, contact Joyce Turnbull,

 * WYHS Memories & Trivia *
The Ram Memories & Triva link on the left column that features interesting/funny stories or trivia by Alumni while attending Whitehall Schools.  Since 1958, current events, societal, popular & cultural norms have influenced & provided different WYHS experiences. To submit your story send your story to

Do you remember our Alma Mater & Fight Song? 

We sing thy praises, Dear Alma Mater
We stand by thee so strong
And forever true
Heaven guide and keep you
We shall never fail you
Dear, Whitehall-Yearling High!

Fight, Whitehall, Fight Win this battle, tonight!
Let's give three big cheers for the Great Black and White
Fight! Fight! Fight! Win fellows, win,
Onward, forward, tonight!
For our victory, Whitehall
We will Fight! Fight! Fight!

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