Over the past several years, we've invited our Homecoming Queens who are celebrting their 50th Anniversary of being crowned Homecoming Queen.  We also are inviting our Homecoming Queens & Football Captains to ride in the Homecoming Parades.  

Our first Queen to particpate in the Homecoming Parade & Crowning was our 1967 Homecoming Queen, Terri Taxter.  Our 1969 Homecoming Queen, Patty Lepper & 1969 Foorball Captain Glenn Foltz had a "hoot' riding in the parade again.  

~ 2021 Homecoming - Friday, SEPTEMBER 10 ~

For the WYHS  2021 Homcoming, September 10, has invited 1970 Homecoming Queen Wendy Arnold, & the 1971 Homecoming Queen Laura Wolf, to help present & crown the WYHS  2021 Homecoming Queen & Court.  More information will be forthcoming.

2017 Homecoming - 50th Anniversary for Terry Taxter,  WYHS 1967 Homecoming Queen (Class of 1968).

2019 WYHS HOMECOMING - 50th Anniversary for Patty Lepper, 1969 Homecoming Queen!