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* Ram Alumni: Please Volunteer to read at Whitehall Elementary Schools on March 1 *
Support Whitehall Schools' new reading-improvement intiiative:  #WhitehallReads.   Now's your chance to visit your elementry school alma mater by volunteering to read at our Whitehall's elementary schools on March 1. The deadline to submit the form is February 28th.  If interested, please complete the form link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVHC6KC7SdkuXCeEc5hFc2TnAABj8NGufC1lb30UY6EG7a4Q/viewform

|* WYAA Presents $30,000 Check for the WCS expanded 2023 Pre-K Program *
Over 58 WYHS alumni & friends, the City of Whitehall, Whitehall VFW & Massey's Pizza donated $30,000 from July 1 - July 30 at their board meeting on Thursday, August 10, 2023. L-R: Darryl Hammock,1990; Zach Wright, 1979; Jeff Lees, 1988; Board President Mike Adkins, 1987; WCS Treasurer, Missy Griffith; WYAA Chair Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969, Jayne Lawson Shannon, 1972; Dassan Jefferson, 2015, & WCS Superintendent, Sharee Wells


* Congratulations to Children's Author, Carol Fish Doeringer, 1972 *
Carol just published a children's book, If you Wake a Skunk.  This book is for 5-8 year-olds. To support of WYAA's Pre-K campaign, Carol is donating her autographed books to all of Whitehall's elemenary schools! Go to amazon.com to purchase.


Whitehall-Yearling High School Principals & School Years

1) 1955 to 1965-66: Austin Peel. 2) 1966-67 to 1972-73: Robert Strahm. 3.) 1973-75: James Janek. 4)   1975-76 to 1979-80: Ed Houston. 5) 1980 to 81: Roger Dumare. 6) 1981-82 to 1988-89: John Peters. 7) 1989-90 to 1993-94: Stephen House. 8) 1994-95 to 1997-98: Robert Wallace. 9)  1998-99 to 2001-02: Mindy Farry. 10)  2002-03 to 2003-04: Glenn Hunter. 11) 2004-05 to 2008-09: Dondra Maney. 12) 2009-10 to 12-2015: Carl Svagerko. 13)  2016 to 2019: Paul Smathers. 14) 2019 to 2020: Chrystal Johnson (Acting). 15) 2020 to 2021: William (Bill) Warfield. 16) 2022 to 2022: Henry Lee. 17) 2022 to Present: Dr. Maria Boyarko

Congratulations to the WYHS CLASS OF 2023

Thanks to Mike Mazzi, 1977 WYAA Board Member, who presented our gift bags.


Thanks to Jodie Martin-Oiler, 1966,  for preparting 230 WYAA Gift Bags for our Graduates.

THANKS to Jodie Martin-Oiler, 1966, for preparing WYAA's "Ram Pride" beverage glasses to present to the Class of 2021. This is WYAA's 4th year of welcoming our new WYHS alumni with these glasses. 


Obituary for Brian D. Hamler

Brian Dale Hamler, 62, finished his ninth inning, after losing his battle with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, on Tuesday, June 29th, 2021. He received wonderful care at both Grant Hospital and The OSU Wexner Medical Center. The family would like to thank all the exceptional nurses and doctors for their outstanding care. 

     The youngest of five children, he was raised in a blue-collar family in Whitehall. His father (Butch) was a printer and volunteer police officer with the Whitehall PD. His mother (Mary) worked as a legal secretary in Columbus and Whitehall. Brian graduated from Whitehall-Yearling High School in 1977 where he excelled as an athlete in baseball and basketball. Brian began working right after high school at Agler-Davidson Sporting Goods on Hamilton Road. He also worked as a playground supervisor for the City of Whitehall in the Parks and Rec Department. 
     Brian was an avid sports fan with a major love of baseball. He loved his Cincinnati Reds, Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns, and, of course, his Whitehall Rams. Later in life, he learned to love the sport of archery where his son, Blake, excelled. 
     He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Health and Physical Education from Capital University in 1981. While attending Capital, Brian was a standout pitcher on the Crusader baseball team. Upon graduation, he became a regular substitute teacher for Hilliard City Schools, Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools, and Whitehall City Schools. In 1982, he was hired full-time by Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools to teach elementary physical education. 
     In 1985, Brian met his future wife, Wendy, and they married two years later. Wendy played softball for Whitehall-Yearling High School and Whitehall's summer rec program. Their combined talents brought them together on multiple co-ed softball teams where they destroyed the competition all over central Ohio. This inspired Brian to begin his baseball coaching career at Gahanna Lincoln High School and eventually became the head varsity coach for the New Albany Eagles baseball team. 
     Brian furthered his education at The Ohio State University where he earned his Master of Arts degree in Educational Policy and Leadership in 1998. He was quickly hired on at Hawthorne Elementary in the Westerville City School District as their assistant principal. However, his heart remained in Whitehall. After just one short year at Hawthorne, Brian came back home and was named the Principal of Beechwood Elementary. 
     After serving as Beechwood's principal through 2006, he was then promoted to Associate Superintendent and Director of Administrative Services at Whitehall City Schools. Always trying to improve himself professionally, Brian found an opportunity with South-Western City Schools. He was hired as their Director of Personnel where he was in charge of recruiting, hiring, mentoring, and professional development for the 5th largest school district in the state of Ohio. 
     During this time, Whitehall was always in Brian's heart. He came back home for the second time to become the district's eighth superintendent in July of 2013. Whitehall City Schools, under Brian's leadership, accomplished many things such as opening the new Kae Avenue Early Literacy Campus, helping to pass the bond and permanent improvement levy in 2018, and initiating a new school-based health center with Heart of Ohio Family Health. Through the passing of the levy in 2018, students saw major improvements in the facilities at WCS such as a new wing for Rosemore Middle School, a new IT/Business Pathway at WYHS called Yearling U, a new synthetic turf football and soccer field, and improved HVAC components for Kae Avenue North. 
     Throughout his entire career and everything he accomplished, being the Superintendent for Whitehall City Schools was the ultimate achievement and goal for someone who loved their community so much. His belief in the goodness of the community of Whitehall never once waivered. He always had a positive vision for what Whitehall could strive for and loved everything that Whitehall is currently. 
     Ever the inspirational leader, Brian has countless family members, friends, colleagues, and supporters that were so touched by his kindness, his love, and his counsel. 
     Brian is preceded in death by his infant daughter, Brittany; his parents Irvin "Butch" and Mary Hamler; his sisters Diana Tedder and Cheryl Strait. He is survived by his loving wife of 33 years, Wendy; his son, Blake; his brothers, Rick and Randy; his sister-in-law, Shari (Zach) Wright; his brothers-in-law, Bobby and Rayme (Heather) Benjamin; his father and mother-in-law, Bob and Janice Benjamin; and his many nieces and nephews. 
     In lieu of flowers, any donations can be made to the Whitehall Education Foundation and/or the Whitehall-Yearling Alumni Association. Donations can be sent to the WCS Admin Offices at 625 S. Yearling Rd., Whitehall, OH 43213.



WYAA purchased "Congratulations Class of 2020" yard signs!  They were delivered to every home & apartment by WCS school buses on Friday, May 8.

Special Thanks to all the Ram Alumni, Parents & Friends who donated to WYAA's Yard Sign Fund-Raiser
Ram Alumni: 2004: Ashley Lyons & Jessica Afaghi Watson. 2002: Amanda Akers, Emily Eader, Eric Gagle, Justin Geminder, Nikki Lewis, Becky Marsh & Katie Wolford. 2001: Ariel Bukowski, Cathy Clifford Walker, Danielle Eschelbach, Jamie Oxley, Allison Walker & Rob Wild. 2000: Mary Jo Scott-Stace. 1997: Tina Radivojevic & Kelly Chanak. 1995: Nikki Young & KyraThorpe. 1991: Cindi Cudd Brown. 1980: Leslie La Corte. 1976: Kathy Cox 1973: Wendy Cudak. 1971: Sharon Robbins Dean & Alyson Stocksdale. 1970: Cheryl Brobst Hefner & Linda Buettner. 1969: Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull & Teresa Pickens Thomas & Vicki Wears Koscho. 1966: Jodie Martin-Oiler. 1965: Cheryl Welsch Parsons

Special Thanks: to Dan Miller, 1973 who helped coordinate the delivery of the yard signs. And, Jodie Martin-Oiler for preparing our WYAA Ram Pride glasses to present to our graduates. MIke Sweeney for his generous donation!

Parents: Shirley Yarbrough: Tasha (2002) & Shannon (2004) Pam Jones Dolby: LaDonna Dolby (2000) Mary Ardrey: Jenna Mayse (2004) & Jason Mayse (1998)

Friends: Sarah Nelson Bratt: Scott Wright (2020) & Judy Petticord. Pictured below:  Susan Starr Smith, Beth Dempsey (1989), Doneta Thorpe (1977), Hope Fuller, Keith Spillman (1967) & Mark Riffle (1973).