Lustron House

Did you know that Whitehall was one of the fastest-growing community in the 1950's? 

Whitehall's Historical Society is located in a Lustron home that sits at the site of the old North American Park tennis courts.  Lustron Homes were built on Fifth Avenue after WWII before North American Aviation factory took over in the early 1950's.  Many of our parents worked at North American Aviation & some worked at Lustron Homes too. 

They meet every 2nd Wednesday @ 6:30 except for January & February.  Their meetings are open to the public.  If you want more information on the historical society, their website has lots of information & photos about Whitehall:

They hosted an Open House during our 1967-73 WYHS Reunion weekend on September 4, 2016.  Here are some photos taken by Larry Pishitelli, 1972.