UPDATE:   Thanks to Mr. Tykodi, he has identified WYHS' First Teachers photo from our 1st WYHS school year, 1955-56.  (click on photo to see).  WYHS' first basketball team, coached by John Steele.  If you know who these basketball players are, contact jnturnbull51@aol.com.  Thanks to Carol Steele, 1973, for sharing these photos she found in one of her parent's photo album. 

Do you have any photos of teachers you would like to share?  Please contact Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull @ jnturnbull51@aol.com so we can share them from all WYHS decades to see.  



Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull
4 Photos  10/2/17
Rusty Wilson
1 Photo  11/3/20