WYAA Activites

The NEW date for the Career Fair is Friday, March 8.

You & WYHS students can meet 36 Company representatives about jobs & careers that don't require 4-year college degrees.  2019 participating companies are:

ABLE Roofing, AcuSight, Byers, Columbus State, Data Alliance, Eastland-Fairfield Career, Tech & Adult Workforce, Electrical Trades, Fed Ex, Heart of Ohio, Heartland Bank, Home Depot, Iron Workers 172, King Gyros Greek Restaurant, Lane Aviation, Marriott Courtyard, Mt. Carmel East, Ohio Media School, ReMax, RGIS Inventory Svc., State Farm Ins., Wasserstrom, Ultimate Health Care, Valvoline Instant Oil Change,        US Air Force, US Army, US Navy.  Whitehall Service, Fire & Police Departments.



  • WYAA gave 2 Student Scholarships ($500 & $250) in 2018.  
    • We want to give a Scholarship to WYHS Alumni in 2019.
  • WYAA & Whitehall Chamber of Commerce sponsored our 1st WYHS Career Fair.
    • This Fair focused on careers that don't require a 4-year college degrees.
    • Over 200 students & 28 businesses participated.
    • Our 2019 Career Fair will be Friday, February 8 @ WYHS, 2 - 6PM.  Open to the Public from 3:30 - 6.  Military Recruiters will be participating.
  • WYAA started a new tradition of presenting RAM PRIDE Beverage Glasses to new WYHS graduates during their Graduation Rehearsal. 
  • wyhsalumni.org website has 1,335 registered alumni with over 93,000 views.
  • WYHS Ram Pride pins were created for alumni & Vets.
  • WYAA has sent over 270 WYHS Vets WYAA Sports Cards
    • Cards give free admission to all WYHS home sports games.
  • WYAA partnered with WEF to administer our scholarships.
  • Casino Night raised $1,000.
  • WYAA supported 2018 WYHS Class Reunions.

THANKS to our WYAA Board Members

 Their time & efforts were key to our 2018 accomplishments.

Katie Quincel, 1972*  Mike Mazzi, 1977*  Ed Kowalski, 1982*  Claire Cara Wilson Cooper, 1993*

Anthony Jordan, 2002*  Byron Diaz, 2011*  Dan Miller, 1972*  Scott Harrison, 1978*,

Paul Smathers, WYHS Principal, Bill Hughett, WYHS Athletic Director, Ty Debevoise, WYHS Communications Director & Geral Leka, WYHS Teacher & Soccer Coach.

Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969, WYAA Chairperson



CONGRATULATIONS to our WYHS 1992 - 1993 Basketball Team, who were Runner-Ups for the 1993 State Championship.  They celebrated their 25th Anniversary on December 8 @ the WYHS Basketball game with Coach Mike Dixon.  This team is the only WYHS Basketball Team that has played in the Ohio State Finals.  










We will be honoring the 25th Anniversary of the WYHS 1992-93 Basketball team, that played in the State Finals.  Please come and join us as well as meet former players and coaches from the team on December 8 against Bexley.  

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WYAA's Mission is to Support WYHS Alumni:

Announce Alumni Events, Fund Raisers & Class Reunions - Administer www.wyhsalumni.org -   Support WYHS students & our Whitehall community.


1.  Presented Student Scholarships ($500 & $250) to two 2018 WYHS graduates.  WYAA will also give Alumni Scholarships.  These scholarships are designated for Technical & 2-year schools.  

2.  Gave 250 WYHS Veterans our WYAA Sports Card for free admission to all WYHS home sports games. (Thanks Bill Hughett!).  This program was featured on Channel 10 TV morning news in August 2017.

3.  www.wyhsalumni.org has registered over 1,170 alumni with over 72,000 views. 

4.  Planned & sponsored a Career Fair with the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce in February 2018.  We had 28 local businesses & over 200 students attended.  'This Week' featured a photo & story of this event.  We're planning another Career Fair in February 2019.  The focus is jobs that don't require 4-year college degrees.

5.  "Adopt-A-Street" participation - Pick-up trash on Yearling Road from Broad to Main.

6.  WYAA started a new tradition by giving our WYHS Alumni beverage glasses to new WYHS graduates (190 in 2018).  See glasses on 'WYAA Ram Products' link on left column.

7.  Promoted Hall of Fame nominations & honored past WYHS Hall of Fame inductees during the WYHS Hall of Fame basketball game.

8.  Participated in WYHS 2017 Homecoming Parade with veterans & alumni floats.  

9.  Partnered with the Whitehall Education Foundation to administer our scholarships & WYAA has a representative on their board.





Thursday Night Lights - Rams WIN!


Watch the promo film:   https://youtu.be/67br-MlpMYg

You can watch the game on these stations, September 20 at 7:00 PM. Kick off at 7:05 PM:

The CW Columbus (WWHO 53)

Over the air: 53

Spectrum: SD 13, HD 1013

WOW: SD 5, HD 204

DirecTV: 53, Dish TV: 53

AT&T U-verse: SD 5, HD 1005

The game will also stream live at http://cwcolumbus.com/sports/thursday-night-lights. This is convenient for out-of-town alumni & friends.  Fans can even watch the game on their smartphones!


WYAA & the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce planned & sponsored a Career Fair @ WYHS on Friday, Feb. 23.  The goal of this Fair was to feature businesses that don’t require a 4-year college degree to start a career.  The majority of the businesses provide Employee Training & On-The-Job Training.  Others only require a professional certification or a 2-year Associates Degree.

This Week's News' local reporter Kevin Corvo covered our Fair. Here's the link: 


Over 200 students attended the Fair & 27 businesses & public service entities participated.  The companies who participated in the Career Fair brought impressive representatives:  Service Directors, Senior Human Resource Representatives & Regional Recruiters, Business Owners, Service Managers, Fire Chief, Branch Managers, Director of Nursing, Nursing Specialists & General Manager.  These impressive professionals represented the following businesses:

Automotive:  Byers Auto, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Ernie’s Automotive.

Banking & Finance:  Heartland Bank & State Farm Insurance (Anthony Jordan, WYHS 2002)

Distribution/Logistics:  Wasserstrom Company & FedEx

Education:  Columbus State Community College & Eastland-Fairfield Adult Development Center

Foodservice:  King Gyros Greek Restaurant & Flavor 91 Bistro

Hospitality:  Holiday Inn Express

Human Resources:  Karen Conison (1980)

Nursing/Healthcare:  The Ashford on Broad, Mt. Carmel, Heart of Ohio Health Center (Marty Philips Miller, WYHS 1969)

Public Safety & Service:  Whitehall Fire Dept., Whitehall Police Dept., Franklin County Sheriff Dept., Whitehall Chamber of Commerce, Whitehall Park District

Real Estate:  Keller-Williams (Byron Diaz, WYHS 2011) & Coldwell Banker

Trades:  Whitehall Service Dept. (Jeff Hart, WYHS 1980), Best Service Heating & Cooling, Wallick Communities Property Mgmt.

Trucking & Waste Management:  Rumpke

Our business partners completed Questionnaires that Anthony Paletta’s Government Class helped create.  These Questionnaires will be used as a Career Resource for all WYHS students.

Here some of the questions:

What skills or education do I need for an entry-level job?   What will get me fired?  Do you provide Employee Training or tuition reimbursement?  What traits are you want for an employee to be successful?  What’s the starting pay for an entry-level job?  What is your work environment?

When &/or will I receive benefits?  What is your dress code?  Do you have drug screening?  What kind of background checks do you need for employment?  Does your company give bonuses, stock options, or incentive pay?  What qualifications are required to be promoted to a supervisory or management position?

If you’re interested in reading these questionnaires for yourself or a student, please contact Joyce Turnbull, jnturnbull51@aol.com.