WYAA Alumni Scholarship

WYAA Alumni Scholarship Background - Applications will be accepted in the Spriing of 2019

WYAA will give scholarships to WYHS Alumni who are pursuing new career opportunities or need new life skills.  This scholarship was created to support WYAA’s Mission.  

Eligibility Criteria

  • WYHS Alumni who are registered on www.wyhsalumni.org
  • Plans to attend Columbus State Community College, Eastland-Fairfeld Adult Workforce Program or C-Tech Adult Education Programs.
  • Proven enrollment prior to receiving funds.
  • 3.0 GPA, if applicable.

Selection Criteria

  • Embodiment of tenacity through adversity, good work ethic & commitment to goals.
  • Desire or need to pursue new career or life skills.
  • Demonstrates the qualities of being a good citizen in the community.
  • Submit a resume.  (Assistance is available.)
  • Interview with WYAA Board Member & Whitehall Business Partner.

Selection Committee

  • WYAA Board Members.
  • One Whitehall Chamber of Commerce partner representing a local business.

NOTE:  The selection committee members shall not have a conflict of interest.  If a member of the committee has a family member who applies for a scholarship, they cannot serve on the committee.  Donors shall have no influence on selection committee members.

Scholarship Award Amount

The WYAA Board will determine the scholarship amount to be awarded each year, not to exceed WYAA's Whitehall Education Foundation's scholarship funds.  In 2018, the Alumni Scholarship is $500.  

Application Process

Deadline to submit scholarship applications will be in the Spring of 2019.  

If you want to apply, contact Joyce Turnbull@ jnturnbull51@aol.com; or stop at the receptionist's desk at the Whitehall City School, 625 S. Yearling Road.

Award Process

  • WYAA Board members will determine the top 2 finalists.
  • The 2 finalists will interview with a WYAA Board Member & a local business partner.
  • Notification of the WYHS Alumni Scholarship winner will be made within 1 week after the interview process.

Payment Distribution

The Whitehall Education Foundation will send scholarship awards to the recipient’s school upon the confirmation of their registration.  

  • All awards are paid directly to their respective schools to be used for awardees’ educational expenses.