Whitehall City Schools


UPDATED Donors' List

THANK YOU to all the RAM ALUMNI & TEACHERS who donated over 253 for 

"This Seat's Taken" Fund Raiser!  

The installation of the seats will be completed in July.   A total of 390 Seats were donated. 

Red = Complete Rows ~ Green = New Additions ~ * In Memory


1958:  Julie Gibson, Ann Stork Brown

1961:  Patty Bridges, Ron Paxson*

1962:  Tom Shoaf, Bob Benjamin

1963:  Clark Fuller, Diana Robinson

1965:  Paula Levine Weinstein, Bill McCallen

1967:  Larry Cunningham, Rita Watson Hunter, Dave Hickle

1969:  Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, Marlene Philips Miller, Beckie Orr HeimlichMike Conley*

1970:  Jeff Mauk

1971:  Joyce Nichols Harkless, Lu Ann Thorpe Hallstrom, Mary Jo Weaver Stagg, Rick Conley*

1972:  Toni Hertlein Fino, Jayne Lawson-Shannon, Cheryl McMillan Miller, Katie Queen Quincel & Steve Quincel, Michael Richardson

1973:  Dan Miller, Lester Carr, Michael Pannell

1974:  Candy Duncan Filip, Tara Trace-Richardson

1975:  Shaun Richard Fellows*

1976:  Leo Knoblauch, Julie Lynch

1977:  Phil Fisher, Brian Hamler, Michael Mazzi, Vicki Romanoff, Mark Aaron Fellows*

1978:  Scott Harrison, Judy Hawthorne Cary, Tim Lynch, Marc MangiaScott McAfee*

1980:  Steve Mazzi, Leslie LaCorte

1981:  Richard Glass, Wendy Benjamin Hamler, Stephen Rayburn, Mike Ore

1982:  Kelly Cordle Mazzi

1983:  Mark Trace

1984:  Lisa Shoaf, Robyn Romanoff Sullivan

1985:  Brian Glass, Stephen Tompos, Sam Wright, Don Musick

1987:  Dave Hausmann, Ross Sager, Rob Shoaf  

1988:  Matthew Golden, Lorna Griggs Russell, Todd Sager, Michelle Strait Carrier

1989:  Bridget Golden, Rick Shoaf

1990:  Pat Thompson, Amy Mauk

1993:  Belinda Howard Borland

1994:  Kimberly Howard

2001:  Ariel Bukowski

2002:  Katie Wolford

2004:  Tiffany St. John-Wood

2009:  Joshua Wood, Matthew Ebbesen, Marty George*

2015:  Savanna Carrier*

2017:  Monica Johnson

2019:  Gabriella Sharp

Whitehall Teachers & Administrators:

Laura Amberg

Walter Armes (School Board)

Kimberly Falcon (Science)

Julie Flood (Beechwood)

Pamela Glass

Karen & Michael Hoggarth (Science)

Bill Hughett (Athletic Director)

Mrs. Joanne Kitchen (Home Ec)

Jeanette Llewellyn

Jessica Moore (Etna Road Principal)

Michael Munroe (Math)

Nicole Nelson (English Dept.)

Rochelle Rankin

Diane Robinson

Christina Schwaiger

Paul Smathers (Principal)

Kelly Solack (Art)

Drew Williams (Coach)

Michael Wilson

Alumni Groups:  

Whitehall-Yearling Alumni Association

WYHS Band Alumni

Whitehall Education Foundation (Row)

Whitehall Rams Sports Club

WYHS Veterans - Patriots Row

1967-1973 Alumni

1967 50th Class Reunion

Bridges Family 1984, 1986

Mouzon Family 1997, 2015

Rooker Family 1968, 1976, 1980, 1984

Roshon Family 1970, 1973, 1975

Stocksdale Family 2003, 2005, 2008


If your name is not included, please contact Joyce Turnbull, jnturnbull51@aol.com




Paul Smathers, WYHS Principal, rescinded his resignation on June 28!

 It's great that we'll see him walking the WYHS Halls in the fall!


To learn more about Whitehall City Schools & WYHS:  http://www.whitehallcityschools.org


Congratulations to Cheyenne Waldeis & Emma Riley!  They received WYAA's 1st Student Scholarships!

Cheyenne received a $500 Scholarship & Emma received a $250 Scholarship.  Both Rams will be attending Columbus State Community College.  Thanks to Ed Kowalski 1980, who interviewed our scholarship finalists.


WYAA wants to give student & alumni scholarships in 2019.  Your donations are tax deductible because our scholarhip fund is managed by Whitehall Education Foundation, a 501.3c organization.  If you want to donate, contact Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969, jnturbull51@aol.com


~ WYAA is hosting a Casino Night Fund Raiser on October 27 ~

For more details, go to the Casino Night links on the left column.



WYAA, Whitehall City Schools & Whitehall's Chamber of Commerce sponsored 

Career Fair on Friday, Feb. 23 from 11am - 1pm. 

Local businesses representatives will introduce students to jobs/careers that only require Professional Certifications, 2-year Technical Degrees &/or On-The-Job Training.

Companies Participating:  Byers Automotive, Best Service Heating & Cooling, Coldwell Banker, Ernie's Automotive, FedEx, Heartland Bank, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Keller-Williams Real Estate, King Gyros Greek Restaurant, State Farm Insurance, The Ashford on Broad, Wasserstrom Company, Valvoine Instant Oil Change, Wallick Communitities Property Management, Whitehall Family Health Center, Whitehall Fire Dept., Whitehall Police Department, Whitehall Service Department. 

Schools Participating: Columbus State Community College, Eastland-Fairfield Adult Development Center, Ohio Media School




Whitehall-Yearling High School Principals


1.      1955 to 1965-66 School Year                      Austin Peel

2.      1966-67 to 1972-73 School Years              Robert Strahm

3.      1973-75 School Years                                   James Janek

4.      1975-76 to 1979-80 School Years              Ed Houston

5.      1980-81 School Year                                    Roger Dumaree

6.      1981-82 to 1988-89 School Years              John Peters

7.      1989-90 to 1993-94 School Years              Stephen House

8.      1994-95 to 1997-98 School Years              Robert Wallace

9.      1998-99 to 2001-02 School Years              Mindy Farry

10.   2002-03 to 2003-04 School Years              Glenn Hunter

11.   2004-05 to 2008-09 School Years              Dondra Maney

12.   2009-10 to December 10, 2015                 Carl Svagerko

13.   March 3, 2016                                                Paul Smathers


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