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•   Keah Carter (Carter) (2011)  9/26
•   Dave Wood (1972)  9/26
•   David Motz (1958)  9/25
•   Neal Foster (1969)  9/25
•   Mike Armbruster (1964)  9/20
•   Roshean Bagley (2019)  9/19
•   Kathleen Gummere (1970)  9/19
•   David Webster (1968)  9/15
•   Michael Wigginton (1970)  9/15
•   Steve Aller (1968)  9/14
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Ed Kowalski, 1982, presented WYAA 2019 Scholarships on May 22: Kadiatou Amadou, Demez Denson & Gustavo Guijo. Please donate to WYAA's Scholarship Fund. Minimum donation is $10.


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 12.9%

A:   1639   Joined
B:   11087   Not Joined


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•   Margaret O'Morrow (Parker) (1969)  9/27
•   Cindy Wells (Clark) (1970)  9/27
•   Kelly Wheeler (Szczepaniak) (1991)  9/27
•   Dawn Thomas (1995)  9/28
•   Susan Hillman (Petty) (1975)  9/29
•   Cathy Pangikas (Masters) (1985)  9/29
•   Glen Stevens (1980)  9/29
•   Jan Farr (Titus) (1968)  9/30
•   Lorraine (Lorrie) Galvin (Axline) (1973)  9/30
•   Doris Rhea (Coy WYHS Counselor)  9/30
•   Nicole Kraft (2001)  10/1
•   Kimberly Streich (Kelso) (1987)  10/1
•   Tiana Koulbout (2017)  10/2
•   Laura Lanning (Fuller) (1982)  10/2
•   Anne Ralston (1973)  10/2
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Welcome to Whitehall-Yearling High School's Alumni website!

This website is FREE & Secure - No Ads, No Spam, No Cookies.  Your personal information is Private & NOT shared.  Messages between alumni are private.  Whitehall City Schools (WCS) pays this website's annual subscription.  It is administered by the Whitehall-Yearling Alumni Association (WYAA) 

WYAA Board Members represent alumni from each decade:  Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969.  Mike Mazzi, 1977.  Ed Kowalski1982Cara/Claire Wilson Cooper, 1993Anthony Jordan, 2002.  2010-2019, (Need a Volunteer)..  Veteran Alumni: Scott Harrison, 1978.  Alumni Band: Aubrey Bailey, 2008. Treasurer: Dan Miller, 1973.  WYHS Teachers: Geral Leka, 2008. WYHS Administrators: Chrystal Johnson.  Bill Hughett, WYHS Athletic Director.  Ty Debevoise, WCS Director of Communications & Marketing.  Honorary Member: Brian Hamler, 1977, WCS Superintendent.  We welcome your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.  Contact your alumni representative via this website's Message Center (left column). was created in 2016 to become the 'Go-To' site for WYHS Alumni planning reunions, announcing Alumni events, posting photos, supporting fund raisers, updating memorials, etc.  It's NOT meant to replace or compete with Whitehall Alumni Facebook sites.

To Join:  Click on Classmates Profile tab at the top of the home page.  Click your Class Year & then your name.  The minimum information you must give is your email address.  Directions to post photos is on the First Time Vistors tab.

Spread The Word:  Tell your classmates, siblings, children, neighbors & relatives who went to Whitehall City Schools!  If they didn't graduate from WYHS they are still welcome to join!  If you don't see your name, contact website administrator, Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull,


* Norton Crossing Update *

Norton Crossing is a mixed-use development that replaced Fairlawn Apartments/Royal Landing & other vacant buildings at Broad & Hamilton Roads corner.  Norton Crossing's new restaurant, 'The Old Bag of Nails Pub' opened on Sept. 14. 'The Lofts at Norton Crosing' is leasing 1 & 2 bedroom apartments with many named after Whitehall streets!  To see more info about this development, go to the 'Ram Business Owner's' tab on the left column.

*Band & Choir Rooms - Now WYHS Technology Center*

Many of us spent hundereds of hours in the band & choir rooms during our years at WYHS.  Today, those rooms have been converted into the new WYHS Technology Center.  To see the photos, go to the Photo Gallery on the left column.

*Ram Fall Sports Update*

Whitehall City Schools announced an abbreviated interscholastic fall athletic schedule at WYHS & Rosemore Middle School.  To read specific details & to see the 2020 Ram Football Schedule, click on the Whitehall City Schools tab on the left column.  To watch the games, click on this link:

* WYAA Board Member Opportunity *

We're looking for a Ram alumnus from the 2010 decade to replace Byron Diaz.  If you would like join the WYAA board,  contact Joyce Turnbull @ 847-502-9052 or 847-502-9052. 

WYAA's board members represent alumni from each WYHS decade.  The board meets about 4 times per year (usually during lunch hour) & supports various WYHS alumni events like our Career Fair, Scholarships, Homecoming, Veterans.


Due to Ohio COVID-19 sports guidelines, only parents of WYHS Rams football & band members have tickets to attend our Rams' 2020 football home games.  Thus, Bill Hughett, WYHS Athletic Director, has postponed our Ramette Alumni Reunion to next year.

If you were a Ramette, please update your "Profile Question" on this website (log-on, click on Classmate Profile, your class year & then your name).  Spread the word & tell your Ramette friends to join the website so we can have a complete listing of who were Ramettes!  We'll share you name & class year to the gals who volunteer to coordinate next yerar's Ramette Homecoming reunion.  Also, join the Ramettes' Alumni Facebook:  Whitehall Yearling Alumni Ramettes.

*You choose your Profile Privacy*
Keeping your profile information private is a critical & important feature of this website. To ensure you've BLOCKED your profile information from public search engines, please follow the easy steps below. Go to the 'EDIT PROFILE' link midway down the left column under 'MEMBER FUNCTIONS'. (You must be signed in. If you can't remember your password, go to the left column under 'MEMBER FUNCTIONS' & click on CHANGE PASSWORD.) Go to: "PROFILE VISIBILITY" (towards the end of your Profile Edits). CHECK "BLOCK" Public Search Engines from accessing your Profile. Only fellow Classmates and Teachers can view your Profile details; but your home address, emails, etc. are never available. REMEMBER TO "SAVE CHANGES" at the bottom of the page. LEAVE THE BOX UNCHECKED if you wish to allow the public (friends, co-workers, family members, etc.) to view your Profile details via public search engines. If you have any questions or concerns about blocking your PROFILE, contact Joyce Turnbull,

 * WYHS Memories & Trivia *

The Ram Memories & Triva link on the left column that features interesting/funny stories or trivia by Alumni while attending Whitehall Schools.  Since 1958, current events, societal, popular & cultural norms have influenced & provided different WYHS experiences. To submit your story send your story to

For your Reference *

Whitehall City Schools (WCS) website:

New website:  The Rams' 2019-2020 Sports schedule:

Do you remember our Alma Mater & Fight Song? 

We sing thy praises, Dear Alma Mater
We stand by thee so strong
And forever true
Heaven guide and keep you
We shall never fail you
Dear, Whitehall-Yearling High!

Fight, Whitehall, Fight Win this battle, tonight!
Let's give three big cheers for the Great Black and White
Fight! Fight! Fight! Win fellows, win,
Onward, forward, tonight!
For our victory, Whitehall
We will Fight! Fight! Fight!