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•   Jim Loughry (1967)  7/5
•   Sandy Tippett (Stolnacke) (1974)  7/3
•   Steve Tippett (1971)  7/3
•   Mike Workman (1971)  6/28
•   Gregory Lewis (1960)  6/23
•   Roelena Conley (Manning) (1961)  6/22
•   Judith Yeakle (Beery) (1961)  6/20
•   Dave Dildine (1960)  6/19
•   Gary Miller (1960)  6/18
•   Michael Smith (1970)  6/17
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Ed Kowalski, 1982, presented WYAA 2019 Scholarships on May 22: Kadiatou Amadou, Demez Denson & Gustavo Guijo. Please donate to WYAA's Scholarship Fund. Minimum donation is $10.


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 12.5%

A:   1596   Joined
B:   11138   Not Joined


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•   Michelle Ogg (Reed) (2000)  7/9
•   Pam Woodrum (Raver) (1967)  7/9
•   Kevin Gire (1982)  7/10
•   Terry E. Haldeman (1964)  7/10
•   Vicki Kirby (McDaniel) (1970)  7/10
•   Sandra Quincel (Farnlacher) (1974)  7/10
•   Steve Bethea (1972)  7/11
•   Amanda Caines (Akers) (2002)  7/11
•   David Cox (1971)  7/11
•   Heather Ray (Robertson) (1996)  7/11
•   Christine Runck (Gay) (1967)  7/11
•   Rick Severance (1971)  7/11
•   Paul Dennis (1968)  7/12
•   Scott R. Hempstead (1982)  7/12
•   Lynn Meek (1977)  7/12
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Welcome to Whitehall-Yearling High School's Alumni website!

This website is FREE & Secure - No Ads, No Spam, No Cookies.  Your personal information is Private & NOT shared.  Messages between alumni are private.  Whitehall City Schools (WCS) pays this website's annual subscription.  It is administered by the Whitehall-Yearling Alumni Association (WYAA) 

WYAA Board Members represent alumni from each decade:  Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull, 1969.  Mike Mazzi, 1977.  Ed Kowalski1982Cara/Claire Wilson Cooper, 1993Anthony Jordan, 2002.  2010-2019, Vacant.  Veteran Alumni: Scott Harrison, 1978.  Alumni Band: Aubrey Bailey, 2008. Treasurer: Dan Miller, 1973.  WYHS Teachers: Geral Leka, 2008. WYHS Administrators: Chrystal JohnsonWYHS Interim Principal.  Bill Hughett, WYHS Athletic Director.  Ty Debevoise, WCS Director of Communications & Marketing.  Honorary Member: Brian Hamler, 1977, WCS Superintendent.  We welcome your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.  Contact your alumni representative via this website's Message Center (left column). was created in 2016 to become the 'Go-To' site for WYHS Alumni planning reunions, announcing Alumni events, posting photos, supporting fund raisers, updating memorials, etc.  It's NOT meant to replace or compete with Whitehall Alumni Facebook sites.

To Join:  Click on Classmates Profile tab at the top of the home page.  Click your Class Year & then your name.  The minimum information you must give is your email address.  Directions to post photos is on the First Time Vistors tab.

Spread The Word:  Tell your classmates, siblings, children, neighbors & relatives who went to Whitehall City Schools!  If they didn't graduate from WYHS they are still welcome to join!  If you don't see your name, contact website administrator, Joyce Hildenbrand Turnbull,


* WYHS Class of 2020 Virtual Commencement *
Due to COVID-19, WYHS was required to create a safe 'social distance' graduation this year.  Congratulations to Whitehall City Schools, teachers, & administrators for coordinating & creating a fantasticClass of 2020 WYHS graduation on June 6!  This commencmenet had all the elements of an in-person graduation with speeches & graduates being honored with their diplomas.  Bruce Lowe, 1972, gave an outstanding & inspirational commencement speech from California!!  To watch, go to 'Whitehall City Schools' tab on the left column & click on the link from that site.

* WYAA Gives 1st Alumni Scholarship *

Congratulations to Amy LaCorte, 1979, for receiving a WYAA scholarship to complete her college education & receive a BA from Park University @ DSCC.  To read more details, go to, "WYAA Student Scholarship" on the left column.

* Welcome to our new WYHS Principal *

After two years as an administrator in Olentangy Schools, Bill Warfield heard a calling. It was in Whitehall City Schools, where Warfield will take the reins as principal of Whitehall-Yearling High School on Aug. 1.  To read more, go to the Left Column tab, "Whitehall City Schools".

* WYAA Board Member Opportunity *

We're looking for a Ram alumnus from the 2010 decade to replace Byron Diaz.  If you would like join the WYAA board,  contact Joyce Turnbull @ 847-502-9052 or 847-502-9052. 

WYAA's board members represent alumni from each WYHS decade.  The board meets about 4 times per year (usually during lunch hour) & supports various WYHS alumni events like our Career Fair, Scholarships, Homecoming, Veterans.

* WYHS HOMECOMING is October 2, 2020 *

Ramette Alumni will be honored & celebrate their 60th Anniversary at our 2020 Homecoming & Parade.

If you were a Ramette, please update your "Profile Question" on this website (log-on, click on Classmate Profile, your class year & then your name).  Spread the word & tell your Ramette friends to join the website so we can have a complete listing of who were Ramettes!   Join the Ramettes' Alumni facebook page:  Whitehall Yearling Alumni Ramettes.  Due to COVID-19, we'll post any changes or updates.

* New Profile Additions *
You can add 3 Profile questions: Eastland attendance, Band participation & Extra-Curricluar activities.
We plan to add Eastland & Band tabs on this website.
Go to: Member Functions in the middle of left column. Click on Edit Profile link & make your changes. Please update your current contact & email are correct. Save your changes at the bottom of the page.

 * WYHS Memories & Trivia *

The Ram Memories & Triva link on the left column that features interesting/funny stories or trivia by Alumni while attending Whitehall Schools.  Since 1958, current events, societal, popular & cultural norms have influenced & provided different WYHS experiences. To submit your story send your story to

For your Reference *

Whitehall City Schools (WCS) website:

New website:  The Rams' 2019-2020 Sports schedule:

Do you remember our Alma Mater & Fight Song? 

We sing thy praises, Dear Alma Mater
We stand by thee so strong
And forever true
Heaven guide and keep you
We shall never fail you
Dear, Whitehall-Yearling High!

Fight, Whitehall, Fight Win this battle, tonight!
Let's give three big cheers for the Great Black and White
Fight! Fight! Fight! Win fellows, win,
Onward, forward, tonight!
For our victory, Whitehall
We will Fight! Fight! Fight!