1981 40th Reunion

*Looking for the following for our Class of 1981 Reunion*
Angie Janice, Bill Justas, Donna Lehman, Christy Larger, Robert Lester, Tim Litton and Tom Litton.  Please contact Scott Humpherey at Scott1117@yahoo.com with information.

1981 Alumni will need to register on this website because our reunion RSVP's & reunion payments will go through this website.

 We will notify you when the Reunion RSVPs are posted.

To register:  Click on Classmates Profiles tab at the top off the home page.  Click on 1981 & then click on your name.  If your name isn't on the Classmates Profile tab, contact Dave Rodriguez or Joyce Turnbull @ jnturnbull51@aol.com.

The minimum contact information required is your email address. Your contact information is NEVER SHARED.  

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